Australia is a beautiful country full of diverse people with a rich culture. It’s no wonder that over 180,000 people migrate to the country each year. 

If you are planning to stay long-term, you should consider becoming an Australian citizen. Australian citizens get many privileges, including voting in federal and state elections, getting an Australian passport, freely leaving and re-entering the country, and running for office. 

To become a citizen, you may have to take the Australian citizenship test. Read on to learn more about applying for Australian citizenship and the citizenship test. 

How to Get Australian Citizenship

There are several ways you can become an Australian citizen, but the two most common are conferral and descent. Before you can begin the process of citizenship, you must meet eligibility requirements and apply. 

For individuals between the ages of 18 and 59, the process includes an interview and citizenship test. Those aged 16-17 or over 60 looking for conferral must interview but may not need to take the test. 

Australian Citizenship Requirements

First, you must be a permanent resident of Australia. To be considered a permanent resident, you need to have been living in Australia for four years. You can only have been out of the country for a maximum of 12 months in those four years.  

Besides residency requirements, the Australian government considers your character and knowledge of Australia. You must also prove you have a basic understanding of the English language. The interview and citizenship test help ensure applicants meet these requirements. 

Test Format 

The citizenship exams are computer-based and taken at a testing site. The time and location of your test are organized after completing your interview. 

The Australian citizenship test has 20 questions and a time limit of 45 minutes. Test questions are broken down into several topics, including: 

  • Australia and its people
  • Australian democratic beliefs, rights, and liberties
  • Australian government and laws
  • Australian values

You need a score of 75% or higher to pass. The exam will tell you right after if you pass. If you fail, you can retake it the same day or book another, and it won’t hurt your application. 

Changes to the Australian Citizenship Test

Recently, the Australian government has made revisions to test questions and changed the test to emphasize Australian values. Now the Australian citizenship test includes an additional five multiple-choice questions about Australian values. You must answer all five questions correctly to pass. 

Preparing For the Test

The Australian government has a booklet called Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond and a podcast. These provide all the information needed to pass the exam.

But, to have a better chance at success your first time taking the test, it is important to study and take a practice test. You can take a free Australian citizenship test online at

You’re Ready to Become an Australian Citizen 

The process of applying for Australian citizenship can be long and challenging. But taking the Australian citizenship test doesn’t have to be a difficult hurdle. Understanding the test, studying, and taking practice exams will give have the best possible chance of passing to get one step closer to becoming a full citizen. 

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