If your child has recently discovered a love for tricycles and a passion for biking around the neighborhood, you may be thinking about letting him or her commute to school by bike when the semester starts this fall. Although biking to school can be a great way for your child to practice his or her biking skills, exercise a new degree of independence and get to school efficiently, it’s also important for the bike your child uses to be appropriate for his or her needs and skill level. Before you give your little one the green light for a bike commute this fall, make sure to consider these back-to-school bike choices, safety tips and potential benefits.

Start Your Child on a Training Bike

If your child doesn’t yet have a lot of experience in using a bike for school commutes, you may want to start out slowly by getting him or her a training-ready bike. No matter what style of bike you choose, make sure your kid’s bike is age-appropriate and suited to his or her skill set. Some top options you may want to add to your list include:

•      A balance bike

•      A kid bike with training wheels

•      A stabilizer bike with training wheels

•      A drop handlebar bike for older kids

Ensure Your Child’s Bike Set Has Essential Safety Equipment

Whichever type of training bike you end up choosing, you’ll need to make sure it’s outfitted with essential safety equipment before sending your kid along to school. Once you’ve made your bike selection, spend some time choosing the right equipment for the bike as well. Although your list may vary depending on your child’s biking experience and level of comfort with the bike, your must-haves list should, at a minimum, include:

•      Training wheels

•      A triple eight helmet

•      Knee pads and elbow pads

•      Reflective bike lights

•      Bike mirrors

•      A brake

Get Your Kid Involved in Choosing a Bike and Personalizing It

Finally, keep in mind that the best back-to-school bike choice for your child is likely one that your child is involved in and excited about. You can take your child to a bicycle store to explore the options and allow him or her to pick out a favorite color or style. By giving your child a role in picking out his or her bike and personalizing it, he or she is likely to:

•      Feel more comfortable and confident riding the bike

•      Learn the route to and from school inside and out

•      Gain motivation to ride the bike and improve his or her biking skills

•      Learn key life skills such as responsibility and independence

Allowing your child to ride his or her bike to school every day can be a great way to give him or her more independence and responsibility while teaching the importance of timeliness and regular exercise. However, before your child goes back to school this fall, you’ll want to make sure his or her bike is fully equipped for school needs, appropriate to your little one’s skill set and suited to his or her personality. You can carefully review these bike choices to ensure a smooth school commute.

By Hemant Kumar

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