Building block toys are a great way to distract a child from small dirty tricks and unnecessary things and keep him busy for more than one hour, which he will spend exclusively with benefit. Simple, quite ordinary-looking, toy-colored blocks can give a baby many positive emotions, impressions, and joy.

What Are Building Block Toys?

A building block toy is a set of toy plastic parts of different shapes in small, medium, or large blocks, easily connected by overlapping each other (like bricks).

Blocks come in a variety of colors – red, yellow, blue, green, or white. Some kits may contain pink, light green, purple or orange parts. Thanks to such a toy, children will be able to use their imagination as much as possible and realize their “construction” fantasies, creating houses, pyramids, castles, and animal figures from the constructor.

The Benefits Of Block Builders

Playing with the building block toys, the kid develops in himself:

  • Perseverance;
  • Hard work;
  • Fine motor skills of the hands;
  • Color perception;
  • Figurative and logical thinking;
  • Tactile sensations.

Building block toys for children consist of parts of different shapes. Therefore, they also contribute to the study of geometric shapes and also develop the child’s imagination.

Part Sizes In Block Designers

The sizes of parts in building block toys are:

  • Small;
  • Medium;
  • Big.

It is necessary for children aged 1 to 3 years to select banbao toys containing large parts. Thus, the baby will not be able to swallow them while playing. The size of the part can be 6-7 cm but must be at least 4-4.5 cm.

A construction set with medium-sized or small parts is suitable for ages from 3 years old when the child is already more morally and physically developed, which will allow you to create whole structures, houses, and castles from colorful blocks. The size of one piece can be 2-3 cm.

Types Of Children’s Building Block Toys

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a block builder for a child is that they are of different subjects. Thus, some sets are suitable only for boys, and some are only suitable for girls.

Building block toys for children are of the following types:

  • Houses and castles;
  • Zoos, parks, farms (pay attention to the number of figures for the set and the availability of additional accessories);
  • Cars and transport;
  • Auto tracks, parking (pay attention to the length of the road, the number of cars, and additional elements);
  • Classic building blocks toy sets.

The series of building block toys can also be different: construction, police, fire, or city. Parts of some toddler building blocks may be equipped with light and sound effects. Construction kits are supplied in a suitcase, in a bucket, in a bag, in a plastic wrap, in a net, in a backpack, in a box, and even complete with a trolley.

In addition, children’s block construction sets may contain additional accessories, such as cars, parts for assembling transport, stations and railways, figures of people and animals, decorative elements, fences, windows, road signs, stickers, etc.

By Hemant Kumar

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