Nowadays people want to shop online because they don’t have much time to at malls, shopping centres or bazaars. In this busy but competitive era everyone trying hard to get luxurious life. Everyone wants to save their time as time is money so keep it safe as your money.

For saving much time we prefer online shopping without going outside we can buy things by using our phones. Now women can order their sarees at home without any interaction. Some many brands or stores offer the best quality of sarees online with satisfaction and 7 days return policy.

What is a saree?

Saree is unstitched lengthy cloth, wear around petticoat, and blows. It has anchal which is lengthy to touch the ground at back. Anchal is longer than one meter and this whole unstitched cloth is 5 – 9 yards in length. Saree is the most effective and efficient attire for Indians. This traditional dress came from India.

Origin of saree:

Saree traces were found in the Indus Valley civilization in North-West India (2800-1800 BC). Cotton was the 1 st stuff for the saree in 5 the millennium before Christ.

Different variety of sarees:

Here are various varieties of sarees. They are all valuable and special for useful events. Also easy to Iford.

  1. Silk sarees online
  2. Mysore Silk saree
  3. Cotton saree
  4. Banarasi saree
  5. Kanchipuram silk saree
  6. Chanderi saree
  7. Bomkai saree
  8. Kalamkari saree
  9. Patola saree
  10. Phulkari saree
  11. Paithani saree
  12. Muga silk
  13. Kasavu saree

These are the top variety of saree all over the world. There is more distinction in these sarees.

Types of cotton sarees:

 Cotton saree with good texture is completely comfortable and beautiful on summer days. There are further varieties for cotton sarees.

  1. Khadi
  2. Kota Doria
  3. Tant saree
  4. Vankatagiri
  5. Gadwal saree

 Mysore silk saree:

Mysore silk saree was made in the Mysore region in Karnataka. It represents the old

  1. royal days with
  2. pure silk and gold zari

Tussar silk saree:

Bhagalpuri silk saree is also known as tussar silk saree. This name was suggested because this was found in the region of Bihar around Bhagalpur.

 Banarasi silk saree

Banarasi silk from utter Pradesh.

These are one of the most costly sarees in India. They were made up in the region of UP in India. These sarees are known well for zari, embroidery, and good textures.

 Kanjeevaram silk saree

These sarees were made up in the Kanchipuram region of Tamilnadu. These are very

  1. popular among
  2. Southern Indians.
  3. Paithani silk saree.

These sarees are made in the Aurangabad region of Maharastra. These sarees design with zari and gold.

Which one is the famous saree?

Baluchari saree is the famous and most wearing saree in India and Bangladesh. And these sarees are made in Murshidabad. These are famous because of their palu designed by mythological scene.

These are a few of the most famous sarees. You can order for them at home but remember few things before placing order.

How can I order a perfect saree online?

If you’re going to place your order for a saree online. Then before placing you should remember few things in your mind.

Stuff. The staff should be pure and the texture must be good so make sure you are going to order your online saree at a good store or brand that you’ve ever trusted. Trustworthy websites. You should order your saree through trusted websites. There are many trusties and branded websites for sarees. Just be careful in choosing them.

So you can simply go to “” and buy sarees online.

Is online shopping reliable?

I agree with those who want their stuff perfect and test their shopping by touching the stuff, fabrics and so on. But you order all the western suits like this so why not saree. Here is a strong platform for saree too. You can trust the online system. And if you’ll get any problem then there is also 7 days return policy you can buy check if you wouldn’t like it then return and get your cashback. This is 100% reliable and time saver.

By Hemant Kumar

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