Thick long eyelashes – secret dream women. Many cosmetic preparations, capacity, tattoo – to attain the specified effect may be of any method. A way to find a secure manner? How to not hurt your eyes?

With age, the lashes lose their former thickness. Gets thin, glassy. Return fluffy eyelashes using the “Careprost” feature. Consumer reviews agree on the fact that the immediate effect is guaranteed. Eyelashes and eyebrows became much lighter, thicker.

Careprost is taken into account by a drug. Therefore, doctors recommend pre-reading the instructions before use. “Careprost” has been clinically tested and approved.

The causes of poor growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Loss of eyelashes isn’t just an aesthetic problem. It reflects the state of the organism, the possible violations in its work.


Poor cosmetics.

Regular frans.

Cosmetics, which have forgotten to scrub off within the evening.

Diseases of the system.

Lack of vitamins and minerals.

Genetic predisposition.

Metabolic diseases.

Inflammatory processes eyeball membrane.

Stressful situations.

To not aggravate true, you ought to move to the doctor. To seek out out the critical explanation for the loss of eyelashes, eyebrows. Extensive treatment will help solve the problem: intake of vitamins, elimination of stress, proper diet, and drops “Careprost.” Reviews of doctors agree that the nutrient drugs contribute to the expansion of eyelashes, but we must not ignore side effects.

Means “Careprost”

Careprost (or Buy Careprost) began to develop a few centuries ago. The drug was tested several times within u.  s. and European countries. Since 2002, he started marketing “Careprost.” Reviews ophthalmologists say that the drug doesn’t only contribute to the rise of eyelashes. It removes the very reason for their loss – hypotrichosis disease.

The basis for the formulation of bimatoprost. Within the past, it’s been accustomed to treat glaucoma. But even then, patients reported on the expansion of eyelashes during treatment. Bimatoprost increases the expansion phase of the hair (its length) and, therefore, the amount of hair itself. In addition, it nourishes eyelash bulbs, eyebrows, improves blood circulation within the tissues.

It is essential to look at good personal hygiene when using the medication. Please read the instructions carefully and persist with them until the tip of the treatment.

In a sterile applicator, apply “Careprost” (at the tip).

To hold the applicator with the assembly of the upper eyelid, so near the lash line.

Second, attention is required to use a replacement applicator.

Does not apply to “Careprost” on the lower eyelid.

If the drug stays on the skin – remove it with a plant disease.

Use organs one time every day, preferably in the dead of night.

Do not use cosmetics after the application of the drug.

The lenses may be worn no previous half-hour.

independently prohibited from discontinuing treatment. So if you have got problems – make sure to consult a doctor.

In the same way, used “Bimat” eyebrows. Feedback from people who have used the drug recommended the comb from the body (net) to specify it on the eyebrows. This is often best done in the dead of night so that the utmost is absorbed. It’s not recommended to travel beyond the eyebrows during application preparation. Otherwise, the hair will start to grow in unwanted places.

The effect of

We have already discussed above the drug “Careprost” composition. Reviews of doctors suggest that the substance is bimatoprost and will be utilized to treat glaucoma, hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Bimatoprost – specialist drug development was a tool created to enhance the expansion of eyelashes, stop hair loss. Therefore, the effectiveness of “Careprost” depends on the accuracy of the compliance statement.

In a month, you’ll take a look at improving the looks of eyelashes and eyebrows. The hair becomes much longer and thicker. The drug is best kept far away from children.

Night cream should be applied to the face ahead. Could you wait until it’s absorbed? And only after using the ability “Careprost.” Reviews of doctors and consumers agree that the effect of the drug will be seen with the eye. About “Careprost” to use daily for two months – the result are going to be amazing. Lush, long, and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows that no mascara will look amazing.

“Careprost” reviews ophthalmologists.

Doctors suggest “careprost” – a drug, so complications and side effects are quite possible, although it can’t appear.

The agent’s composition is specified when in reality, with mucous membranes, the flaccid formulation can enhance the inflammatory process. So make sure to consult a specialist before using the means “Careprost eyelash serum” to expand eyelashes. Reviews ophthalmologist points out that in such a situation, the subsequent side effects:

  • swelling of the eyelids or other skin reactions on the eyelids;
  • of turbidity, discoloration, of the protein;
  • itching, tingling, dry eye syndrome, burning;
  • change the lash line.

Ophthalmologists warn that the drop cannot be applied only to the eyelid. They’re all equal, but in smaller numbers, falling into the attention.

By Hemant Kumar

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