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Owning a dog alone involves several challenges, but things get a little more complicated when we talk about large breeds, especially breeds that are known for having very unique personalities like the American Akita dog. 

This specific breed is not usually recommended for newcomers in the world of owning a pet, since they can be very difficult to tame and at times, might cause troubles for big families or families with more dogs just because they tend to be very dominant and confrontational.

However, when properly managed, an American Akita dog can become one of the best pets out there. They are especially good dogs when it comes to providing assistance and protection, but the challenges involved in the process of owning one are still there.

That is why we are here to help you out and provide you with an alternative method of treatment that might assist you in your journey: CBD for dogs. If you are interested in even more details about them, checking this Pet hemp company akita dog breeds article might be exactly what you are looking for.

Personality Wise

As mentioned earlier, an Akita dog can be very unique. They are overall very calm dogs, but they can be restrained and unsocial at times. Ideally speaking, you should only own an Akita dog if you are thinking of properly training it. 

If you are fixated on the idea of owning an Akita, it is recommended to not own other dogs, and if you do, they should be female, since Akitas can be very conflictive for the Alpha position inside of a group. 

Still, they can be very protective, which is the reason why they are recommended for specific situations. Akita guard dogs and service dogs, for example, are very efficient at what they do!

There are ways to train to be more forgiving about other animals, but it can be tricky because they are rather stubborn about learning, just because they are prideful animals. That is why it is always recommended to have any form of CBD for dogs in case you know for sure there’s going to be an event or situation which might cause them distress, which could make them a little bit more aggressive or anxious. 

CBD, a New Form of Medication

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound that is non-toxic for animals and grants the same effects as medicinal cannabis without getting them high since it is non-psychotropic, as showcased over

It is a form of medication that is used for a wide range of things, mainly involving the relief of pain of inflammation. However, it can also be used to calm down anxiety, reduce stress, and cause a relaxing effect in both animals and people. That is why it is recommended to have some form of CBD medication for situations that might cause your dog to get stressed.

There are many presentations of CBD, and the main one used all around the world is CBD oil. If you are dealing with a pet, though, you can find CBD treats that work wonders for them! Visiting this site would be ideal if you are looking for the best cbd oil for dogs

Akita Dog, a Very Energetic Dog

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Akita is known for being a large breed, and large breeds of dogs are commonly very active, but there are some exceptions. However, all large breeds require a certain level of exercise to remain healthy and avoid joint problems and overweight.

The American Akita dog is generally a really strong dog with a lot of energy to spend, and because of its physique, it is not scared of facing other animals to protect itself and its family. This, of course, a very good thing, but some people might have a problem with its needs when we talk about exercising.

Since they store a lot of energy and do require exercise on a daily basis since they are very likely to suffer from overweight, it is very recommended for physically active people that don’t mind dealing with the efforts of keeping them in shape. 

Of course, it is also recommended for those who want to change their lifestyle to one that is more active, and as someone who once owned an Akita dog, I can say that they can really motivate you to shape yourself. Even to this day, I still run a couple of minutes each day to remain healthy, in reminiscence of my old Akita dot.

Grooming at Least Once a Month

Grooming for Akitas needs to be done regularly. At least, on a monthly basis. They tend to grow a lot of undercoats, which is the type of fur that they shed and can become a problem for any household. Ideally speaking, you should get your hands on a grooming set, but you can also rely on a professional grooming service. If you want to try grooming the dog by yourself and have no idea about how to idea, you can check out this article over here

Be Attentive About Their Diet

Try to make sure that they are eating properly, and not overeating since they accumulate calories really fast (due to their high physical capabilities). Ideally, they should consume protein to remain strong and healthy, but you can vary their diet each day. Try to wet and dry food and add some rice or fish from time to time. 

Give Them Their Space

Because of their nature, they need a calm, silent environment to be by themselves. This alone time is necessary for them to take their naps and remain healthy and anxiety-free. If you see them by themselves, don’t try to force interactions. There’s a time and place for everything and understanding this will help be of great help to bond with your dog. 

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