Dubai desert

Dubai is a huge centre of attraction for the world, all of this is because of the way the place has been developing, dubai has not only grown as a huge economy, but it has also seen a rapid development in tourism. All of this can be attributed to the strict laws making it safer than many places in the world, and also the world class facilities, the magnificent skyline, the affordability of everything and numerous flight to and from Dubai.

The city of Dubai is not only known for the skyline and buzzing nightlife and ofcourse the Burj Khalife, Dubai is also very famous for the gigantic desserts that has one of the tallest sand dunes. Desert Safari is one of the most fun activities to do when in UAE and Dubai is the perfect place for it. Well, desert safari is a vague term, there is a moderate amount of thrill in desert safari, if you are someone who loves going extreme, you can also get cheap buggy rides in Dubai desert.

Let us know more about buggy rides in Dubai desert.

Buggy Rides in Dubai Desert

Dune buggy rides are full of thrill, you get to hit the dunes with a 2000CC super powerful engine that is designed to ride on the sands. These buggies unlike the SUVs need not to get their tyres deflated to climb the sands. You get to rule the dunes like one of those kings. While dune bashing with SUVs is also a good and thrilling experience, dune buggies take the thrill to a whole new level. 

You get to experience the heat, the roughness, the adrenaline in your body when you drive your way into the massive sand dunes. It clearly is you vs the sand. You don;t even need a driver’s license to ride a dune buggy. All you need is to know driving, follow the instructions and wear the complimentary protective gear and you are ready to rock!!

Well, now that you are already excited to experience buggy rides, let us tell you where you can find the cheap buggy rides in Dubai desert.

DesertRaja’s Cheap Buggy Rides in Dubai Desert, what it has to offer?

DesertRaja has been the the pioneer of best desert safari in Dubai. When you are in the desert with DesertRaja’s well trained staff and premium services, there is nothing that can go wrong. You get to experience the thrill of dune bashing in the closest proximity.

DesertRaja cares about your safety and the best protective gear is provided to you during the ride, you are guided before the experience by expert drivers and trainers. You cannot feel dehydrated since there is unlimited availability of drinking water with them.

The Desert Safari experience at Desert raja is endowed with premium facilities like free pickup in air conditioned SUVs straight from your hotel and free refreshment and snacks. With DesertRaja, there is simply nothing that can go wrong. 

The bottom line

Buggy rides are one of the most fun experiences that you can have in Dubai. The safety is duly taken care of and you can entrust DesertRaja for your needs. With Desert Raja, you are truly a Raja (Raja is the Hindi word for ‘King’).

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