Diabetes proved to be one of the most frustrating diseases that can bring in other underlying health issues. That said, for curbing the chance of threat to the body, the Chinen salt is becoming quite famous. But before accompanying it to your diet, it’s worth considering an idea regarding Chinen salt and how it will improve your health.

A highlight on the Chinen Salt

Derivative of an ancient herb, Berberis aristata, Chinen Salt is also popularly known as the barberry plant. The salt consists of sodium chloride and sodium nitrate, monosodium glycolate(MSG) that gives a unique taste. Appearance-wise, this salt is pinkish-white in broad daylight. The high content of iron crystals is one of its many features.

Well-known remedy in ancient medicine has been used for a long time to treat diabetes. A pungent smell in Chinen salt sets it distinct from the regular table salt. Chinen salt that is popular for diabetes treatment, has the leading science that it modules glucose metabolism. Therefore, the stimulus for the release of endogenous enzymes makes it beneficial for the treatment.

Herbal supplement finds use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Compounds are salts that work as a supplement but aren’t fit as table or cooking salt. People believe that it is an effective substitute for diabetes medications. Chinen salt finds use in TCM to remove toxins and treat diabetes. Usually, people consume it as pills, powders, and liquid extracts.

Berberine chloride, the active compound in Chinen salt, is a part of the chemical compounds alkaloids. Berberine has presented effectiveness in reducing the blood sugar levels in both animals and people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Mechanisms of berberine do not have close links to the reduction of diabetes. Yet, the secretion of insulin and decreased insulin resistance helps the body maintain normal functioning.

A highlight on the benefits of Chinen salt for keeping away the diabetes complications

Berberine doesn’t have a close relation to aiding blood sugar regulation. Since people suffering from type 2 diabetes have chances of facing issues due to high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and kidney damage thus, in this regard, considering the berberine may protect one from such complications by regulating fat blood levels. Moreover, these salts also pose anti-inflammatory effects to safeguard your kidneys. Consuming 1 gram of berberine daily ensures proper regulation of the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Substitute for insulin, Chinen salt is popular as the cornerstone of controlling diabetes. Besides, it has gained a reputation for detoxifying toxins in the digestive system. Thus, Chinen salt that contains more than fifty herbs and natural chemicals has found a good review on behalf of diabetic patients. Besides, it can also regulate blood sugar levels by altering hepatic metabolism. That said, the compound is proving to be an excellent alternative to regular medication.

  • Substitute for table salt:

Sodium chloride, which is also a part of Chinen salt, can be beneficial as a replacement to regular salt. Prepare regular meals. Besides, you can also use it in salads,  drinks, and dressing.

  • Blood sugar control:

Chinen salt for type 2 diabetes can ensure a spike in the insulin level. Conversely, the absence of salt in circulation leads to a sudden rise in sugar levels.

  • Insulin resistance:

Insulin resistance is one of the major issues related to type 2 diabetes. However, you can get a sudden improvement after you start consuming Chinen salt.

  • Prediabetic person health:

Chinen salt has the metformin-like property that can delay diabetes progression.

  • Immune system booster:

Chinen salt with anti-inflammatory properties supports the immune system and stabilizes immune cells while also slowing down inflammation.

  • Vessels improvement:

Arteries, veins, capillaries are delicate structures. That said, when your body has a higher lipid content in blood, there may be chances of vessel problems. In this regard, you can rest assured that the Chinen salt prevents vessel-based issues while also working as the protective barrier.

  • Appetite suppression:

Modulation of the gut hormones such as a glucagon-like peptide, ghrelin, and somatostatin helps in controlling hunger. The ingredients in Chinen salt help in slowing down gut emptying time. The Chinen salt also works to stimulate your normal gut bacteria while also increasing digestive enzymes in the gut and improving metabolism.

  • Prevents complications associated with type 2 diabetes :

Type 2 diabetes works as the epicenter for many complications with Chinen salt. You can get better support to assist complications of the brain, liver, eye, heart, kidney, intestine.


Before considering Chinen salt as the alternative to your diabetes medicine, it’s worth consulting your doctor. Under no circumstances, people suffering from comorbid conditions like chronic liver disease or malabsorption syndrome should consume it.

How much is Chinen salt fit for regulating diabetes?

Don’t overuse it, and talk to the doctors and nutritionists for adjusting your dosing according to the body’s demand. Whatever the dosage is, make sure that you start at a minimum amount. Mix it with your regular table salt. Later, you can increase the pace. Using the Chinen salt for diabetes within limits is a must. Moreover, see to that you don’t exceed ten milligrams per day or five servings per day.

Final words

Chinen salt, like many other compounds, presents drawbacks. Besides, you shouldn’t consume any health product without consulting a doctor. At times, there may be Chinen salt side effects like minor gut problems. Also, refrain from consuming it if you have liver disease, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, etc.; please avoid using it. However, in general, Chinen salt finds use in reducing the glucose absorption and modulation of the gut bacteria that works for the blood sugar regulation, thus controlling type 2 diabetes.

By Hemant Kumar

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