Survival Knife

Whether you like hiking, camping, or just long walks in nature, you should not go on that journey without a faithful assistant – a knife. The possibilities on which you can use a knife are many. You can cut bread and mushrooms, prepare firewood, drill holes, make other tools from objects around you. Which one you choose depends on your affinities and the purpose they will have. You should pay attention to these characteristics:

OTF automatic knives

One option is one of OTF automatic knives. You can easily open it with the slide of a button. They mostly have a shorter blade, which is also reliable. The automatic knife is lightweight and compact. You can use it for less rough work in the camp. With it, you can cut wood, prepare fish or meat for eating, or provide security in your camp. It cuts down the risk of breaking to a minimum and makes it easier to handle, so there’s less possibility for injury.

Multi-tool pocket knives

Folding pocket knives have always been attractive because of their multifunctionality. Pocket knives usually have more moving parts, so we can find them around if you also need scissors, a can opener, or tweezers. Because of their construction, they are more complicated to make and therefore more expensive. Folding pocket knives have certain limitations – they are not very reliable. Namely, the connection of the hinge between the handle and the blade is easy to break. You cannot perform some heavy actions with them, for example, chopping wood for the fire. It is good to have a pocket knife at hand, at least as an aid.

Fixed blade knives

The knives with the fixed blade are large and powerful. Their weight is higher, but they can replace the axe, and you will need one less tool. However, fixed knives are not suitable for all jobs, especially the more sophisticated ones. They are expensive because of the sizeable amount of steel and the effort invested in their production. For beginners, it is inadvisable to handle a knife with blades with a serrated back, because in most cases, they only contribute to minor injuries. 

Which steel is better?

They make a good blade of steel that you can sharpen well which remains sharp for a long time. Solid carbon steel blades are brittle and difficult to sharpen without proper equipment. Also, the hard blade can become brittle with sudden temperature changes. However, knives that are too soft lack sharpness. It is better to choose a knife blade made of medium hardness steel. Such knives are the most practical, and you can sharpen them with any available materials. Actually most of the throwing knives are also made with tough steel and can be a great choice for hunting. There are many places where you can find throwing knives for sale easily.

It is essential to know this as well

Knife handles can be rubber, wooden, pressed leather, etc. Which one you choose depends on your sense of comfort. If the knife has a hidden tang, then the steel that passes through the handle is narrowed. Knives in which the steel passes through the handle along its entire length and almost its entire width are full tang knives. They are strong and reliable. A good knife always comes with a good sheath. They are mostly plastic or leather. We cannot put a dirty knife in a leather case, so it is more practical to have a plastic one while you are in nature. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is that the sheat is safe. Also, there are cases whose design allows you to attach the knife to a belt, backpack or put it around your neck.

Staying in nature is beneficial for our mind and body. The relationship between a human and a knife is as deep as the connection between a human being and nature. Namely, knives are one of the first tools developed by man and used as tools and weapons since the Stone Age. So keep it close when you are in nature. It will surely be helpful.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!