Your office’s desk can host more than 10 million bacteria. Consider commercial office cleaning for a healthy and safe workplace.

A dirty commercial office increases sickness rates. This results in more sick leaves and a decline in the workers’ productivity.

Commercial office cleaning motivates the workers to do their best. It also prevents the spread of pathogens, bacteria, and allergic diseases.

Do you know how to keep your commercial office clean? Follow this commercial office cleaning advice for a hygienic office space.

1. Have a Checklist

A checklist for your office cleaning will make things easier. It will prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

There are things to consider when creating a checklist for your office cleaning.

Consider accuracy and clarity. It should be clear on building cleaning procedures, cleaning time, and the cleaners.

You should also consult the workers when creating a cleaning checklist. By this, it will be easier for everyone to follow it and keep the office space always clean.

2. Remove Trash Daily

Trash and other clutter can make your office filthy. The more trash in your office, the more careless customers perceive you to be.

Getting rid of trash every day is among the best office cleaning tips you shouldn’t overlook. It will keep your office clean and attractive.

Trash can also attract pests and rodents in your office. Removing it means protecting your office from damage and possible health risks from pest /rodent infestation.

3. Hire a Professional

Commercial building cleaners are necessary for intensive cleaning. They are the best options for preventative cleaning, carpet, and upholstery cleaning.

There are reasons to choose commercial building cleaners.

For one, you will save time and avoid inconveniences. You will not have to worry about delaying other important office tasks.

You will also save money. You won’t spend extra cash on cleaning products, supplies, and equipment.

Not all commercial office cleaners can meet your needs. For quality commercial office cleaning, check out Hubbard’s Maid Service here.

4. Use Green Cleaning Products

Many manufactured cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. Besides not being eco-friendly, they cause allergies like skin irritations.

Using green cleaning products has several benefits. You will protect the well-being of your staff and the environment.

Many manufactured cleaning products are quite expensive. Switching to eco-friendly products will save you a good ton of money.

5. Dust and Sanitize Electronics/Furniture

Office computers, desks, chairs, and telephones host a lot of dust and dirt. They can be major causes of coughing, sneezing, and other allergic reactions to your workers.

Ensure that you dust them regularly. You can use a wet piece of microfiber cloth to wipe their surfaces.

Sanitization is also important. It will eliminate all the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens on their surfaces.

Follow This Commercial Office Cleaning Guide

Commercial office cleaning can be stressful if you don’t know what to do. Office cleaning cannot be thorough and beneficial if you do it wrong.

With this guide, cleaning your office space will always be a walk in the park.

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