Gone are the days when people would pay all their hard-earned money at the hospitals to get the best possible treatment. These days, people are smarter and the options that make them smart are even more. Almost all organizations these days provide their employees with health insurance policies to make sure that they are there for the employees when the latter is not well. However, employees who think that the company-provided health insurance policy is not enough for them, they go ahead and buy another health insurance plan that provides them with better coverage and is much more beneficial to them. While we are talking about health insurance policies, let us first understand why these are so important to buy, especially online.

Saves time

If you purchase a health insurance policy online, it will save you a lot of time. There is no need of getting in touch with an insurance agent, and there is of course no need of explaining your needs to them. You simply have to fill out a quote and go ahead to shortlist the medical health insurance plan that you see on the screen.

Easy to compare various health insurance policies

While you check out the health insurance policies online, you can use a health insurance premium calculator. This will help you to understand the premium you have to pay to continue the health insurance policy. This will help you to choose the health insurance policy without a doubt.

24×7 information

You do not need to rush to the insurance office within a certain time. You can buy it whenever you want. Also, you can do it completely from the comfort of your chair.


These days you will come across several health insurance companies that will offer you discounts if you purchase a health insurance plan online. This will help you to get higher benefits and you will be able to pay premiums at affordable rates.

Instant coverage

When you purchase health insurance online, you get instant investment proof. This will make your coverage active right from the time you bought the policy.

If you too are planning to buy a health insurance policy but are confused with so many options available in the market, this piece of information is for you. As a matter of fact, if you compare health insurance policies and very carefully go through each of their features, you will be able to understand which health insurance policy you should go for. So, let us take a look at some of the best health insurance policies available in the Indian market today:

Aditya Birla Health: Activ Assure – Diamond with Super NCB

You can start this plan at INR 476 per month. The coverage you will get from this plan is INR 5 lakh. The features include Daycare cover, free health checkup, AYUSH cover, etc.

HDFC Ergo: Optima Restore

The plan starts at INR 738 per month, and the coverage is INR 5 lakh. The features of this plan are Organ donor cover, Daycare cover, free health checkup, and many more.

Max Bupa: Max Health Companion

The starting premium for this plan is INR 566 per month. The coverage provided is INR 5 lakh. The features under this plan include any category of room except suite, organ donor cover, daycare cover, AYUSH cover, etc.

Care Health Insurance: Care

The starting amount is INR 396 per month. The coverage amount provided by the insurance company is INR 5 lakh. The features of the plan include Daycare cover, 100% recharge, AYUSH cover, unlimited restoration, etc.

Like these, there are several health insurance plans from various health insurance companies that you can find on the internet. You can check each of their premiums and choose the one that suits your requirements. You can also visit the website of IIFL and go through all the health insurance policies available there.

By Hemant Kumar

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