Hearing aids are pretty expensive and most are not covered by insurance companies. So, to make it more affordable for people Costco, a wholesale club, has launched various kinds of hearing devices to the market.

Costo hearing aids also have both positive and negative customer feedback. To get to the depth of this, our experts have reviewed Costco hearing aids and through the help of this blog post, we’ll look at all the important details of this company. 

So, read till the end to get all the information required about this hearing aid company. 

Costco and its Hearing Devices Types

Costco comes up with five different hearing device brands. Below are the name of the brands: 

  • Philips
  • Phonak
  • Kirkland Signature
  • Rexton
  • Resound

Costco offers different hearing aid kinds and designs to the customers. Below are some of the types: 

  • In the ear
  • Canal
  • Open fit
  • Completely in the canal
  • Rechargeable
  • Behind the ear
  • Bluetooth enabled

They even offer accessories like clip-on microphones and batteries so that their customers don’t need to bother purchasing it from anywhere else. Some customers don’t quite appreciate the overall quality of these hearing devices. They find issues regarding the sound quality and adaptability of the hearing devices in crowded areas. 

No Membership, No Hearing Aids

Yes, you can’t buy their hearing devices as long as you are not a member of Costco. Moreover, you also need their membership to get the complimentary services. These services are: 

  • Free hearing device product demonstrations
  • Free hearing test
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Hearing device cleaning and ear checkups

Note: No other hearing aid companies require membership to purchase their hearing devices 

Costco Hearing Device Costs

As Costco buys in bulk, they can sell hearing devices at a low and discounted price. Some customers still find it pretty expensive as the cost of a pair of hearing devices is roughly $1,500.

Costco hearing devices feature free services that are generally incorporated with their hearing device packages. These include the following: 

  • Warranty period that varies with hearing device models
  • Loss and damage coverage

According to Costo, as their hearing devices are already pretty cheap, their policy is to pay the entire hearing aid cost to get the hearing device. 

No Insurance Coverage

Costco doesn’t support any insurance over their hearing devices. If you have an insurance plan, you can still shop from Costco. In that case, you may be required to be their member first and you will also be required to submit an invoice to the insurer for any kind of reimbursement after the payment. 

How Does Costco Work? 

You can only get their hearing aids only if you are a Costco member. They provide all kinds of hearing supports starting from follow-ups, adjustments, hearing tests, and fittings. 

Costco doesn’t offer any kind of repair services. That means if your hearing device gets damaged they won’t take any responsibility and you would have to get it repaired from somewhere else. 

Moreover, the warranty that you’ll get will entirely depend on the model or version of hearing you choose. Most of the hearing devices have an entire refund within 180 days. 

How is Costco as a Company? 

Costco has many positive reviews but there are still some drawbacks that upset a few of their customers. 

Limited Hearing Brands

There are only five brands available and customers want to get a few new brands with additional features that may aid them with better hearing experience. 

Very Few Experts

Costco has a few to no audiologists to aid the customers with hearing issues. As the company has a high reputation for their customer services, so their hearing aid users expect some expert advice along the way. 

No Insurance

Although Costco claims to sell the most affordable hearing devices, some customers feel they are still expensive as a single pair costs around $1,500. So, the customers want to have insurance coverage over their devices to have financial protection on their hearing aids. 

Membership is a Must

Costco only provides hearing devices to those customers who have their membership. Moreover, you also need to pay an annual membership fee to keep their services active. This policy is not much appreciated by many as they can’t purchase the hearing devices from their shop unless they become a member. 

Alternative Options 

There are other alternative options that you can definitely give a try. Below are some of them: 

  1. Nano Hearing Aids

Nano hearing aids are famous for different styles and varieties of OTC (Over-The-Counter) hearing devices. They also provide their customers high-quality hearing devices at a much affordable price compared to Costco. You also won’t require any membership or audiologist recommendations to purchase any of their products. The products are also FDA-approved assuring high-quality performance and durability. 

Nano has six different kinds of hearing devices and you can choose any of these depending on the intensity of your hearing issue.

  1. Audicus

Audicus is another leading brand in the hearing aid industry. They offer their customers with customized and high-featured hearing devices. 

Audicus also offers their customers direct products without the need of any audiologist recommendations. This policy reduces the price of the hearing devices and makes them more affordable for the users. 

They have a few varieties in their hearing devices, each depending on the needs of the customers.

  1. Lively

Lively hearing devices are considered to be one of the most impressive and effective products in the market. Their hearing aids also come with an outstanding application that has access to all the latest tech that makes the hearing devices easy to operate. 

These hearing devices are also pretty cheap and don’t require any membership to purchase any of their devices. You also won’t require the recommendations of the audiologists to purchase any of the products. 


  1. Are Nano Hearing Aids a good choice? 

Nano Hearing Aids provides its customers with high-featured hearing devices at a reasonable price. The aids also have different features that make the use convenient for users. You also won’t require any membership to purchase their devices, making them a better option than Costco digital hearing aids. 

  1. What are the best hearing devices to buy? 

There are many hearing devices that you can choose from. Below are some of them: 

  • Audicus Aura
  • Nano Sigma
  • Eargo Neo HiFi
  • Nano X2 Rechargeable

These are a few hearing device brands that serve the best quality to their customers.

  1. Which hearing device has the most advanced features? 

The Oticon Xceed and Nano X2 Rechargeable are considered the most advanced hearing devices with high functioning features to aid their customers with moderate to even severe hearing impairment. 

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