Melbourne has embraced the trend more than any other city in Australia over the past few years, with coworking spaces experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. During the past three years, Melbourne coworking offices grew by 960 per cent, according to the LaunchVic startup of the Australian State Government. In addition, approximately half of Australia’s coworking spaces are located in Sydney. A coworking space in Melbourne caters to startups and entrepreneurs across several different industries, making it possible to find an office close to you.

Almost every major Australian city, including Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne, has seen a steady rise in the availability of coworking office spaces for remote professionals. One hundred and seventy-one coworking spaces are specifically dedicated to startup companies, which find them to be an ideal work environment for handling rapid expansion. Unlike non-coworking offices, modern Melbourne coworking spaces also offer networking events and professional development programs, which creates a sense of belonging.

Find a Coworking Space In Melbourne

You can find a Melbourne coworking office space that meets all of your professional needs and ensures your productivity if you are looking for a coworking space near you. The wide selection available on Coworker makes it easy to choose the right place. Melbourne’s coworking places can be filtered by a range of factors, including price, accessibility, amenities, strong Wi-Fi, and location. Make your reservation today by creating an account so you can book your favourite spaces and tours.

Coworking Spaces: What Are They?

You’ll notice that a coworking space feels different from a regular office the moment you step inside. Only the electricity of the energetic, exuberant occupants in the area can rival the aroma of fresh coffee in the air. It’s common to see those devoting time to work at private desks and those engaging in conversation at large shared tables. Coworking spaces are known for this culture.

Shared workspaces are essentially coworking spaces. Those wanting to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop offer affordable office space.

These shared workspaces offer office-like amenities such as hot desks, private meeting rooms, kitchenettes, coffee machines, and COVID safe products like hand sanitiser Australia, disinfectants and face masks. They often provide communities as well. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and entrepreneurs seeking flexible workspace tend to occupy this type of space.

Cost is also a major attraction, along with culture. This type of space offers the advantage of letting you rent only the area you need instead of renting out an entire office, which can be expensive.

Members can choose from a variety of membership-based models to suit their needs. Monthly or daily subscriptions are available, and selecting a shared desk over a dedicated one also affects your membership fees.

Coworking Spaces: Who Uses Them?


Freelancers will benefit significantly from these shared workspaces. The benefits of coworking are two-fold for freelancers: the flexibility to set up your schedule and hours without feeling isolated. Individuals who otherwise would have been forced to work alone at home, or a coffee shop, are given the feeling of belonging.


Coworking spaces are popular with startups due to their flexibility. In contrast to traditional office leases, coworking spaces are less expensive and offer fewer commitments. Additionally, you can use them to facilitate interactions among small groups. Entrepreneurs may also find co-founders in these spaces by connecting with the right people at the right time.

The Concept Is Working Well

Such small businesses can benefit significantly from coworking spaces. Spaces and freelancers’ goals are inherently aligned, as is the case with startups.

Their interest in coworking spaces grew so large that they decided to do more research into them. Using coworking spaces has influenced the attitudes of people, the researchers found. According to their research, there is a strong correlation between employees flourishing at shared workplaces instead of regular offices. There were feelings of more meaningful work, more job control, and community connected to coworking spaces.

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