Are you looking for the custom chocolate cardboard boxes to manufacture promotional gifts, corporate gifts or Christmas ornaments? The custom boxes manufactured by packaging companies are an appealing option. You can get them in various styles such as the custom, window tuck in, folding kraft, faux box, gables, stick-frame etc. all these provide the best quality cardboard sheets which can be fashioned into regular or festive boxes alike. Graphic designer know how to apply different colors and designs to enforce the company logo on the customized boxes to make them more attractive.

Custom Chocolate Boxes

The custom chocolate boxes are fabricated from Kraft paper or card stock and coated with foil or vinyl coating. Various colors and textures are also available to suit individual tastes. High quality, durable and long lasting material are used for manufacturing the boxes. They are lightweight and the thickness is just enough to ensure no crumpled edges while transporting. Various colors are used to print company logos, brand name, address and phone numbers.

Custom Packaging Boxes

In addition, we also provide custom packaging boxes made in custom, sizes, and layouts. We have got an extensive range of boxes for gift-giving. From custom candy boxes, custom candy dispensers, custom baby gift baskets, to customized gift bags, we have got the most exquisite collection of decorative boxes. From the name brand, luxury items, to the novelty items, we have got it all.

Chocolates Boxes Printing

This chocolates boxes printing is the ideal alternative for brand promotion. We can produce large volumes with no wastage. Thus, the brand gets a cheap mass-market marketing platform. These boxes are custom printed with our client’s logo and product information. Thus, the consumer gets the luxury of the brand name.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery within the continental USA and Canada. We are pleased to provide free shipping in all the USA states. We understand that the food products industry is a large market with millions of customers. For effective marketing, you need to make your packaging attractive and appealing to the customers.

Custom Wrapping Paper

We use high quality and heavy duty corrugated paper for custom chocolate boxes and custom wrapping paper. For this purpose, special care is taken to ensure that the boxes are free from defects and damages. The material used for the packaging is carefully chosen to give the best effect. The boxes are produced by highly skilled workers who take extra care in handling the material. We have experienced and qualified personnel who can produce the boxes of any shape and size.

Packaging Material

Our packaging material is made from high quality commercial grade paper. For faster packaging, we utilize our highly advanced offset printing and design facilities. Offset printing and design involves paper cutting, hole punching, lamination, spot color, lamination, die cutting, and final coating techniques. By using these methods, we can enhance the appeal of the boxes as well as their functionality.


By choosing different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials for custom chocolate boxes, you can create an impressive visual presentation. You can use different styles of packaging for different types of products. You can create customized boxes that can fit the variety of candies like gum paste, chocolates, mints, and popcorn. Customized packaging can be used for different kinds of commodities. You can use it for sending promotional items, seasonal items, holiday items, confectionery, fine chocolates, and many more.

Digital Printing Method

The traditional way of packaging goods is by using molds to create boxes that have specific sizes. By using a digital printing method, you will save money, time, and prevent waste during the production process. By using the offset printing method, you can create custom chocolate boxes in a faster and more economical way.

If you are considering a great gift for your loved ones, consider sending them some custom boxes. Why not? By choosing this kind of gift, you will be able to make their day brighter than what it is going to be without sending them something that they will simply love. Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your spouse or partner with a special gift that they will never forget? Wouldn’t it be nice to send a box of chocolate to a family member or friend that you have never even met? Now you can with this simple online shopping spree.

Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate packaging has been used for many years and for a very long time. However, with our modern day ways, packaging has changed significantly. By using the custom boxes manufactured by PCB, you will receive a package that is both elegant and practical in every use.

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