If you are one of those cleanliness enthusiasts who like to maintain a hygienic body, then you have landed on the right page. Using a premium quality product like Vichy deodorant is an excellent way to keep away body odor.

Finding a non-toxic deodorant with the right fragrance is a daunting task. The plethora of choices in antiperspirant sprays can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer.

This article will guide you through the process of buying and suitably using deodorants.

What is a Deodorant? 

According to the latest records, the global deodorant market size is estimated to reach $30.76 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.0 percent during the forecast period.

Deodorants are formulated to act as a barrier against body odor. Sweating occurs in different parts like armpits, groin, below the breasts, feet, face, and palms.

Apocrine glands present in these areas produce heavy sweat, which is rich in proteins. The bacteria present in these areas feed on these proteins and produce smelly fatty acids. 

According to the US FDA data, deodorants are considered a cosmetic product to enhance your beauty.

Types of Deodorants

According to a report by the University of Bristol, around 75 percent of people do not produce underarm odor.

Here are a few types of deodorants you can use.


These are an ideal choice when you have to get ready for work post a vigorous gym session. It gives instant protection to armpits and white stains on clothes. 

Such products contain alcohol and can irritate the skin and mucous membranes.


These are convenient to carry in your bag. You can apply it by rolling a plastic sphere over the sweating areas. The skin gets wet first and dries up quickly in few minutes after the roll-on is applied.

Deodorant Sticks

These are easy to apply but can leave out stains on your clothes. A solid deodorant is softer and creamier. An invisible stick antiperspirant gives you instant freshness and clean-up.

Gel- or Cream-based Deodorants

Gel-based deodorants are non-alcoholic. Hence, they are one of the best choices for people with sensitive skin tones. These are more powerful and have a long-lasting effect.

Tips to Choose the Right Deodorant

Here are a few ways to choose the right deodorant depending on your skin type and issue.

Check the Ingredients

Chemically formulated deodorants can contain harmful substances. It can result in allergies like rashes, pimples, and pus-filled blisters. Hence, it is imperative to check a small patch on your skin and observe a reaction within 12-24 hours. 

It would help if you avoided a deodorant that contains triclosan and aluminum. It can give rise to various neurological diseases.

Select According to Skin Type

People have different types of skin like a dry, sensitive, combination, and oily. If you have a sensitive skin tone, you must read the ingredients label and buy an organic spray for your body.

Select the Right Fragrance

It is essential to choose a deodorant that smells appealing. You can choose a premium brand product like Vichy deodorant, which gives one of the best fragrances.

Select the One that Lasts Longer and Dries Quicker

A good quality deodorant will last for a long time. Once you start using regularly, you will see a reduction in the frequency of usage.

Some cheap products often leave marks or stains on the body and clothes. Hence you must buy a product that dries out quickly and can help avoid skin allergies.

Select an Antiperspirant or a Deodorant

Antiperspirants attack the sweat glands and prevent the production of sweat in people. A deodorant will fight against the bacteria that develops smelly sweat.

Once you understand this difference, you can choose the right cosmetic product that suits your needs.

Avoid Alcohol-based Sprays

Alcoholic deodorants can cause dermatitis or allergic granuloma response. Hence, it is essential to check before investing in a good brand. A cosmetic spray contains 6-15 percent of fragrance oil and around 80 percent of alcohol.

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to choose a product with the right combination.

 Check the Container Material

The container should be made of a chemical-free product. It will avoid any reaction with the contents and help to keep skin allergies at bay.

Buy a Spray that Provides UV Protection

You can find deodorants from reputed brands that provide UV protection. It is the best choice for people who spend the most time outdoors. You can avoid skin damage and keep yourself odor-free all day long.

Final Words

Choosing the suitable ingredient is one of the best decisions you can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must keep in mind various factors like body chemistry, skin type, and daily routine to get the best anti-sweat spray for your body.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!