A part of former Hollywood Undead singer Deuce’s solo band has a little legal trouble at the flash. Vardan Aslanyan, superior known in the rap/rock community as Truth, was under arrest Saturday night (June 16) in Los Angeles after leading police on a long hunt.

According to Los Angeles station KTLA, an off-duty police officer marked the musician driving recklessly and a pursuit in progress when Truth decided not to pull over. He led police on a chase across several freeways at times exceeding 100 miles per hour. He eventually was captured after crashing into a pair Deuce The Truth of vehicles and spinning out of control.

As division of the crash, Truth caused a vehicle to overturn with a man and his young child inside. Once captured, TV cameras fixed the musician, who stated, “I just want to make history … Why should I stop when I’m an artist?” When told of the accident he caused, he stated, “I just want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I would by no means lack of respect no one’s kid.” He was also quote as saying that “deity took over” as he was speed through the freeways of Los Angeles.

The rhyme-slinger was taken into safekeeping on suspicion of DUI, felony evading and possession of a controlled substance.

Truth is featured on four tracks on Deuce’s 2012 solo debut album ‘Nine Lives.’ He appears on the songs ‘I Came to Party,’ ‘Freaky Now,’ ‘Nobody Likes Me’ (which also features Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke) and ‘Till I Drop.’ He is also a part of Deuce’s touring band.

Truth’s legal troubles come just a few weeks after Deuce’s claim that he was jumped by his ex-bandmates in Hollywood Undead.

In the past three decades, Truth has recorded 60 albums and performed more than 9,000 concerts, averaging more than 300 shows a year. The group traveled more than three million miles across 25 nations, sometimes performing multiple concerts in one day all through the early years, Breland told The CCM Update, Truth Music Group. “What time I first ongoing, there was not in fact anything to contrast us to,” Breland said. “In the near the beginning 1970s, to take a collection with drum and a guitar into the church was to no purpose of. The response from young people was great. I just wanted to use our music as a tool to share the Gospel.”

The last few years have been hard for artists who travel within the church circuit, Breland said. “The whole music scene has moved to arenas, so we see the trends turning, and it’s a new generation. It’s tough to find people these days who have a missionary spirit and who are willing to make as small money as we do because there are teenagers signing record contracts for a million dollars.” More than 400 people have passed through Truth’s ranks over the years, with more than 100 now serving as pastors, youth ministers, music directors or recording artists.

THE MAINSTREAM pop group featuring, among others, David & Carrie Grant and Eils, United Colours Of Sound, who were featured in an hour-long TV documentary back in July 2000, are currently working with new record producers Ron Deuce. The group hopes to have its lengthy late launch release by the end of the year.

You want your child to grow up with a profound pleasure of music. You desire their lives to be enriched by music just as yours has over the years. Or perhaps you see some natural musical talents in your child and you want to make sure those talents are fully developed while they are young. Music could actually change the future of your child’s life, but you have to take some precautions to make sure they are pushed toward music without emotion overwhelmed or pressured.

When you small music-lover is young, they don’t need to be exposed to super intense teachers that push them extremely hard. There may come a time that the serious musician or singer does need a strong teacher or coach who can push them to their full potential, but if you allow that contact from a very youthful age you risk scaring the child or turning them off of musical exploration. That is the last thing you desire for them!

Find a musical program calculated specifically for younger children. Look for entertaining, friendly teachers that support your child to raise at their own speed and develop their natural abilities on their own level. They are supposed to never be scolded or pushed in negative behavior. It should all be concerning fun in the earlier years.

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