Leamington Spa is gaining popularity with each passing day and calling it the hidden gem of the UK, won’t be an exaggeration. It’s called Royal Leamington Spa in the technical terminology, situated between London and Birmingham. So, if you are in the mood of spending a quality weekend, there plenty of Leamington spa things to do. Let’s look at the list of what you can do in Leamington spa in the UK.

There is an array of causes that may attract you to Leamington spa; be it you are visiting a family or planning an adventurous weekend viewing a show at Leamington’s theatre, you can do have great fun in a limited period.

Let’s go through the list of all things you can do at Leamington spa:

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  1. Travel Across the Town

Souls that crave natural beauty mixed with man-made miracles, should take a tour across the town and explore different dimensions of the area. Meander around the town like a free bird and give your eyes the treat of pretty sceneries. The town is known for its top-notch scenic beauty that is too lovely to be true, but it is. Leamington has exotic vibes that will rejuvenate your mind and give you the required freshness. Along with prepossessing buildings, parks, and views of the town center, there are many ventures to sit and relax with a cup of coffee on a bright sunny day.

  1. Shopping

Shopping is the next recommended activity to do in Leamington Spa. The town is compact yet filled with some astonishing places to shop with a fine selection of stores in the center with all high-street brands such as Space NK, Oliver Bonas, Marks and Spencers, Flying Tiger, H&M combined with some local sellers providing pretty knickknacks. The major highlight is about this town center is it never too occupied or congested.

  1. Go to a Pub

Are you a party animal? There is nothing to worry about as an amazing selection of pubs can be found in Leamington Spa. Even the locals are a fan of pubs in this little town. Some best pubs of this place are Fox and Vivian (best burgers), Star and Garter (exquisite ambiance), The Royal Pug (dogs are welcome), The Fat Pug, and Fizzy Moon (best nightlife pub).

So, there is an option for everyone to choose from. Pubs are great to party, dance, sing, and throw all stress out of your head.

  1. Walk Around Jephson Gardens

Gardens lovers are going to love this place as it is called the heart of Leamington Spa and a perfect way to have a great time. They are well-kept, clean, and serene. It would be a small walk of an hour or so. This place one of the major highlights of Leamington Spa and apt for a leisure walk.

This was it! If you are planning to visit Leamington Spa in near future, this article will give you the perfect visualization of the best places you can find there.

By Hemant Kumar

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