If you are trying to decide whether or not to install a box spring in your home, then the first question that you need to ask is “Do you need to use slats when using a box spring?”. Before you make a final decision on whether or not you want to have this type of item in your home, you will want to take a moment and sit down somewhere quiet so that you can write down all of the pros and cons that you can think of. When it comes to the pros, one of the biggest benefits of having this type of product installed in your home is that it is going to help to alleviate some of the problems that you may currently be experiencing. Slats on a box spring can also be used to add additional style to your home while at the same time adding a little bit of comfort as well.

The first thing that you should understand about why you need to use slats when using a box spring is that this is not simply a convenient thing. Slats on these items are designed to help you create an even weight distribution in your bed. If you were to use a flatbed, then the mattress would simply not have the right level of support for your body. Using a box spring will help to evenly distribute the weight of your body so that you are comfortable throughout the night. Plus, this allows you to customize your box spring so that it is exactly how you need it.

 Keep Pillows Clean

Another great benefit of using slats when using a box spring is that they help to keep your pillows clean. If you choose to use traditional sheets and pillowcases, then you are going to find that they can get stained and matted over time. With a box spring, you will be able to remove the sheets and pillowcases at night and simply wash them in the morning. This is a very easy process that helps you to maintain the cleanliness of your bed.

Allows Air To Flow

Box spring as the wooden slats are designed with holes in them, which is why they allow for airflow between the box spring and your mattress. This will ensure that you get proper air circulation throughout your mattress. In turn, this will help to keep you from having hot or cold flashes throughout the night, which is another common complaint from people who are suffering from back pain.

When using a box spring, you do not always need to have it fitted to your mattresses. Many mattress stores encourage their customers to turn the box spring into an Ottoman. All you need to do is take down the bottom bunk and place your feet on the floor underneath the box spring. Then, you can curl up into a fetal position and use it as a comfy pillow for when you need a good night’s sleep.

Box springs are integral components of the bedding system. 

They help prevent damage to your expensive bedding by holding the mattress in place. If you have not used one before, then it is important to understand how they work and how you can make the most out of your purchase. Many people do not know that you can get your bedding system for a lower price just by shopping online. There are several reasons why shopping online is a good way to save money on your box spring.

Slats work great because they are very easy to install and operate. 

The number of slats that are required will depend upon the type of box spring that you buy. You can usually find this information right on the box spring itself. Many manufacturers recommend that you always use two sets of slats, one set inside the box spring and one outside, and over that a box quilting on top.

Why are there two sets of slats? There are two answers to that question. The first answer is to prevent them from rubbing against each other. When you use two sets of slats, they do not have to scrape against each other and prevent any damage. That’s a plus because you don’t have to buy two boxes! The second answer is so that you have better insulation.

So how do you decide what kind of slats to get? The main thing to consider is what you will be using them for. If you plan on putting a hot tub in your box spring then you will want some strong slats. The strength of the slats will also be determined by what you will be using them for. If you buy a cheap unit then you will need some cheaper plastic ones. However, if you buy a good quality unit then you will probably want to get a set of high-quality slats.

If you choose to buy a set of slats then just make sure that they are of the same thickness. Too thin and you will not get very much insulation. Too thick and you will trap moisture between the slats. A standard thickness will give you good results.

The next consideration about using a box spring is to know where to place them. Ideally, you want to place them near the ceiling. You can install them just at the top or at the bottom of the box. It depends on your taste and how much space you have available.

When installing the slats make sure that you don’t obstruct any ventilation holes that exist in your wall. A hole in a wall may be an invitation to dampness and condensation. This can cause serious problems when using a box spring and can increase the cost significantly.

Now that you have considered all these factors you probably wonder why you would need to use a box spring at all. Well, if you have a basement then you know this is a damp area. You also know that condensation is a problem, but the dampness can be a real problem. Condensation on your clothes is bad enough but what about your health? Using a box spring is a much better alternative.

The problem with using a box spring is that it takes up quite a bit of room. This is especially true if you choose a wood box spring. So what do you do? If you don’t have a lot of space then you may need to compromise and use a foam box spring. Some foam spring boxes come as a kit and will work well in a tight space.


One other thing to consider when using a box spring is the cost. You may be tempted to go with the cheapest spring you can find but you may be surprised to learn that they often break down soon after you start using them. This is because they don’t provide a good insulating layer so your heat or cooling will not remain constant. If you do use cheap slats, you may find that they don’t last very long and then you will have to buy new ones.


The cheapest box springs usually don’t provide a good insulating layer so they won’t keep your items warm. If you are particularly concerned about energy costs then it may be worth spending a little more on a better quality box spring. The most popular types of insulating materials are metal, wood, and foam. It is recommended that you read up on the specific qualities of each material so that you get the best from your purchase. As with any home improvement project you should aim to improve your comfort and reduce your energy bills.

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