_Stop Racism

Racial inequality is a curse for black Americans. This is a very sensitive and serious issue. In the early centuries, American’s way of life was living in peculiarly settled communities, practising extensive farming and for that they owned slaves. 

Most people in the United States with African ancestors are the descendants of people who were the property of white Americans. These black humans were the property of white Americans victimized for slavery. They were tortured physically and verbally for every small reason. There were no legal restrictions if a master (white) was killing the slave(black). The females were raped badly and whipped as the owners had absolute power over their slaves. They were free to split up families and sell the children of slaves. Slavery was a lifetime condition and there was no escape to it.

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So, for centuries this discrimination is being continued and destroying a black group of people. If we talk about the reasons for this inequality then the first reason counted would be


People still take blacks as inferior as they are made up for slavery or low-esteemed work. Probably they have their ancestors who patronaged this theme.

Judgments or Mindset 

White Americans have the mindset that people with black skin are low cast. They judge them with their physical traits, appearance, how they talk, their clothing and categorize them as violent, loud, and lazy.

Cops Conduct

The cops’ eyes are always suspicious for blacks whether they are at fault or not but the very first thought catches the black. In spite of going into the facts and figures, they just point out at black population.

Living in a Circle

Certain people don’t come out of their beliefs. If their family, friends, or relatives are keeping a gap or share the same trust for blacks then they also follow the same footsteps. This never stepping outside this circle approach keep inequality alive and breathe openly.

America is worldwide known as the most powerful country surrounded by the ethnically multicultural nation where a large scale of people immigrated from many countries, ironically where people are treated on basis of skin color, confront inequalities not a basis on education; but of course, on racism. The impact of this discrimination is severely heartbroken. Almost people of every age group can feel this pain as they face this inequality everywhere in life. This is life imprisonment for them. From children to old age people, they bear this discrimination strongly.

  • Children in school feel biased by teachers and white fellow students. They are not appreciated and motivated for their work. Often, they face a loss of opportunities.
  • Teenagers don’t get fit in social circles. They are not comfortable in pubs, clubs, or parties as they catch a stare on themselves by whites. They are derogated with certain names and teased.
  • They do not get employment even if they have high degrees in their hands as the priority goes to whites. Due to this, they face poverty, a zero lifestyle, and a miserable attitude from others.

They face health disparities. African Americans and people of Hispanic origin are facilitated with lower insurance coverage rates at all ages. 

  • Nonetheless, this covid-19 pandemic has proved that how brutal doctors can be towards the blacks as they have felt unattended many times while lying on a hospital bed with immense pain. The only reason is discrimination; how can we expect this from doctors who take the oath to be a savior for every human without being biased. 
  • Shopping or freaking out in markets is not easy for blacks as being a customer they are more likely to be monitored and treated with suspicion by store employees. When blacks walking on the streets they are frequently avoided by whites. Many blacks report the experience of waiting longer to be served in restaurants than white customers who arrive after they do.
  • Even the old blacks are not spared. Some of them share the incident where they have to wait on average longer to get a taxi than for a white man.
  • Cops are chasers for blacks with their distrustful attitude for them. This attitude mentally harasses African Americans, where they lose their confidence and get into depression, isolation and find themselves traumatized. 

It is the utmost requirement to eradicate this racial inequality from America rather than from the world. As every human soul is equal in GOD’s eye. Respect and adore without being irrational or biased for anyone.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!