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Watch out for these signs!

Hot water service is an empirical part of your household therefore to it is important that you maintain them properly. Due to regular and prolonged use, the hot water service can be affected by color fading and scaling issues. You can go for the right hot water service specialist who can include the right repairing measures for it. However, there are certain signs as a homeowner you should watch out for which might indicate it is time for you to change the system. It could be due to various reasons the age, due to lack of maintenance, and other such problems. Here is a list of things you should watch out for and change your hot water service immediately.

Run its lifespan

In most cases, water heaters are known to last somewhere between eight to ten years with proper care and maintenance. It is very easy to know the age of your water heater simply look for the code on your water heat consult a professional regarding that code and he should be able to tell you how old your water heater is. The tankless hot water service is known to last about 20 years.  It is best if you have them checked as well by your plumber in case you feel it’s been a long time since your water heater has been changed.

Water not heating properly

The most important sign you should not overlook is when the water is not being heated properly. If you are accustomed to a certain temperature of water from your hot water service and you do not get that desired temperature it is more than likely it has gone bad. In such situations, it is best to switch out the old system for a new one. It can be a problem with the coil, the wires, and the overall system might be disrupted due to power issues also.

Dirty water

Most of the water heaters are lined with steel inside. This rust can in turn affect the working of the water heater. Therefore, if you start to notice that your water is becoming muddy or sandy it can be a sign for you to consider replacing your hot water service. However, it is entirely possible that rust on the pipes leads to your faucet but still as a precaution you should call your nearest plumbing service and have them check your water heater.

Noises from the water heater

Any kind of rumbling sound from a water heater is not a good sign. This indicates that due to years of usage there is a sediment buildup in the bottom of the hot water service. If your water heater is experiencing such you should call a plumbing service immediately to have them evaluate the sediment buildup. In many cases, a simple cleaning of the sediment buildup is enough to make the water heater work properly again but it is best if you listen to the expert. It can be due to the jamming of the tank outlet, and you can use the non-acidic and non-chemical methods to clean the heater of the sediments.

Requires repairs very often

If you are stuck with booking too many appointments with your repairman regarding your hot water service it is high time you consider changing the system altogether. Frequent repairs are never a good sign therefore it is best if you change the system.

These are just some of the noticeable changes that may solidify your decision to change your water heater. However, certain factors such as improved technology should also be taken into consideration when you feel it has been a while since you last changed your hot water service.          

By Hemant Kumar

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