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Every household needs a reliable dry cleaning service to deal with all dirty laundry without any delays. The Laundryman App brings you one such professional laundry service available wherever you happen to be in the UK, from Leeds to Manchester. Accessing laundry services has never been easier, you can conveniently choose from a wide variety of laundrette services right from the comfort of your own home and instantly enjoy the pleasure of freshly laundered clothes and linen for you and your whole family!

Why go for professional Laundry Services?

Needless to say, the quality of laundry services rendered by professional dry cleaners such as The Laundryman is very much different from that of home-laundered clothes. There are several unique features that you automatically enjoy from our laundry services in Leeds or Manchester such as;

  • The Professional Touch

This is the most obvious benefit of using professional laundry services. The Laundryman is committed to professional laundry practises on every job. Unknown to many, each type of clothing material requires its own special handling techniques, laundry methods, and drying or ironing temperatures. If all these intricate details are observed during laundry processes, your clothes can easily last for longer and retain their attractiveness better. Our whole laundry staff is well trained in all these intricate details hence ensuring professional practises for better clothes health.

Our professionalism doesn’t just end with the actual laundry services. Rather, we always ensure a professional atmosphere when interacting with our valued clients. This means that all our staff members observe appropriate manners whether when solving queries or visiting your home for laundry collections and deliveries. As such, we have a dedicated customer service team that is always ready to address your issues, if any, and also listen to your ideas and suggestions with regards to our laundry services.

  • Health Considerations

Are you aware that improper laundry handling can actually pose health risks and hazards to you and your family? Indeed, a lack of thorough laundry habits in a household can create a breeding ground for a lot of house pests such as roaches, flies, bed bugs, and even worms! All that spilt food and water on your clothes, couch cushions, and bedsheets can provide enough food and moisture to feed these nasty bugs until they become a real menace that can lead to several health issues such as food poisoning and skin infections.

These health hazards are often difficult to avoid especially in households where the responsible adults are formally or self-employed and barely get the time to attend to such mundane chores like doing the laundry. Clothes end up piled up in washing baskets, breeding these nasty bugs and putting your family at risk. Professional laundry services can save you from this serious health threat through the provision of thorough and consistent laundry services that will keep any pest infestation in heck.

  • Laundry Cost Savings

Contrary to common belief, professional laundry services are actually much cheaper in the long run compared to the costs of doing your own in-house laundry. Every home-owner knows very well how laundry machines are always notoriously breaking down. The purchase bills, repair costs, and the extra costs of water, power, detergents, bleaches, and soaps all add up to very significant amounts. Despite all that, you still get sub-standard cleaning capabilities from the domestic-variety laundry machines.

Professional laundry services like The Laundryman make use of high-powered industrial equipment at much more conducive operating temperatures to give your clothes the much-needed thorough wash while simultaneously cutting on costs such as labour, detergents, and power through mass production. At the end of the day, getting your clothes cleaned professionally saves you a lot of money while giving your clothes the most effective cleaning process ever.

What does The Laundryman offer?

Now, having established the importance of a professional laundry service provider, it’s important to note that not all professional dry cleaners in Manchester are the same. Let’s take a quick look at what exactly makes The Laundryman the best dry cleaning in Leeds among all other competing laundrettes.

  • Innovative & Convenient Service Design; Free home delivery!

The Laundryman services have been made super convenient for all household all over the UK, from Manchester to Leeds via the innovative Laundryman App. Clients no longer need to hustle around, searching for ‘dry cleaning in Leeds near me’ or ‘dry cleaning in Manchester near me’ on the internet. Rather, The Laundryman App brings all your desired laundry services right to your doorstep!

Our delivery team is always ready to pick up your dirty loads or deliver you freshly laundered ones at a time that is most convenient to your daily schedule. All you have to do is to select your preferred time on the app or our website platform and we will show up right on the dot without any unnecessary delays!

  • Competitive laundry prices

The laundryman is determined to remain the best-priced laundry services in Leeds and everywhere else around the UK. Our laundry prices are very affordable and priced per item rather than per weight range to ensure that you only pay for the exact services rendered to you, nothing more! We dare you to find any other cheaper professional dry cleaner in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK.

All our new clients get to enjoy great discounts on their first order on the app, hence further cutting down our laundry prices. Our loyal clients can also look forward to a number of discounts and promotions all year round designed to reduce your laundry costs even further!

  • One-Stop-Shop!

To ensure that all your laundry needs are catered for under one roof, The Laundryman offers a wide range of laundry services that are guaranteed to address all your household or office laundry needs. These services range from the regular wash and dry services to the more specialised bed linen service as well as the alterations and repair service. As such, whatever your laundry needs, we always have you covered on every occasion! What more, all these services are available on The Laundryman App or our website platform meaning you can order them all from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Give it a shot now!

Download The Laundryman App today and enjoy all these amazing laundry services in all of the UK. In case of emergencies, we also offer efficient same day laundry services that are guaranteed to save the day.

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