Who doesn’t love a clean house? No one. The irony about having a clean home is that virtually everyone loves to see their space decluttered, all shiny and glistening, but not everyone wants to roll up their sleeves and get scrubbing.

One question that immediately comes to mind is, is there an easier way of keeping the home clean without breaking one’s back?

If that is the question that’s running through your mind, you no longer have to lose sleep over home cleaning. We will share tips on cleaning your house fast — rest assured they are efficient, and you will be done cleaning before you say jack. Nowadays, many people are using professional house cleaning services, like house cleaning Washington, DC. However, if you wish to clean your home or office on your own, read the tips mentioned in this article.

Now, to the million-dollar question, how can you clean your house fast?

Often, people who are not familiar with house cleaning get lost at sea about what should come first — dusting or vacuuming and should they start from the kitchen and then the bathroom or is it the other way around?

To get your mind out of that maze, here are tips you should consider to make your house cleaning adventure stress-free and less time-consuming. If you are ready, let’s dive into it already.

Top tips on how to keep your house clean

1. Always clean the whole house and not a particular room first

You will be amazed at how much cleaning can be if you focus on cleaning the entire house instead of dwelling on one specific room. If you are dusting, mopping or vacuuming, it is always best to the same task for all the rooms before picking another task.

For instance, if you are mopping, mop the entire rooms in the house and move to the best chores am do the same for the next chores. That way, you won’t feel the stress of repeating the same task in cycles.

2. Roll out your caddy

One tip that most people take for granted while keeping your home clean is to have a caddy handy. What that does is help keep your cleaning tools within reach.

Having to go looking for cleaning tools every time you need them can make cleaning hectic and not fun. It helps a lot to have your cleaning items all in one bucket or tote. That way, no second will be lost trying to gather your tools before your next round of cleaning.

3. Declutter your space

This is probably where you should get started with your home cleaning. Go round the rooms and pick up every piece of paper, magazines, paperbacks and whatever trash you find lying around.

When you have them rounded up, you can then decide on what to do with them. For example, you could choose to stash them somewhere (if they still hold value), donate them or show them the way to the trash can.

4. Dust and vacuum

To best place to start dusting is the top of furniture, picture frames, TV screens, undersides of shelves and handrails. Lest we forget, remember to turn off the ceiling fans before you start dusting.

Of course, there will be hard to reach places like your upper shelves and blinds. One trick that always comes in handy for such areas is to tie a piece of microfiber cloth to the end of a fairly long stick, say the end of your mop or broom and get to dust them off.

While you are at it, it’s always best to change the sheets in the bedroom before you proceed to vacuum.

5. Wipe the mirrors and glass

To achieve the best results cleaning mirrors and glasses in the house, you should start by using a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surfaces and follow up with a dry cloth.

6. Disinfect surface areas and countertops

Well, there is no nether time to take disinfecting surfaces seriously, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still very much around and lurking around every corner.

Take a trip to the store nearest to you and grab yourself a disinfectant if you don’t already have one at home. Your target areas include countertops, doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes, cabinets and any hard surfaces you can think of. While you are at it, the idea is to disinfect areas that tend to collect germs.

Suppose you opt for a part time maid or a professional house cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about getting the cleaning supplies because they will bring their cleaning supplies and tools and not bother you with shopping for cleaning supplies.

However, you can always make do with a homemade non-toxic disinfection solution. One idea is to mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar and water (full cup of water).

7. Pay attention to sinks, tubs and toilets

While cleaning the sinks, fine ad toilets, it’s always best to spray them with a cleaner and let it sit for a while — a few minutes will do.

Allowing the cleaner to sit for a few minutes gives the cleaner enough time to dissolve stains while also making it easy to scrub specks of dirt. If you are not employing the services of a part time maid, you shouldn’t forget to wipe the sides of the microwave and always start your home cleaning from the kitchen and work your way to other areas/rooms in the house. Then, the toilets should be the last thing you clean.

8. Sweep and mop

Earlier, we mentioned whether to start with sweeping or mopping and asked which comes first.

While the answer to this question may come easy to cleaning service providers and part time maids, it’s not always the case with individuals who want to while away time cleaning their houses.

The proper cleaning order is to sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors and start mopping from the farthest part of the room and mop while backing out of the room. You wouldn’t want to box yourself into a corner of the room.

There you have it. Home cleaning tips you should add to your checklist and follow on your next cleaning session.

But that’s not all.

Other tips to take note of include washing your home cleaning tools regularly. If you like to make house cleaning a fun activity for both yourself and your family, you can do that by involving other family members and assigning tasks. That way, you will get much work done within a short time.

Are you thinking of hiring a professional home cleaning service?

There are quite a lot of cleaning service providers out there to choose from. However, while choosing cleaning services, you must keep an eye out for those you can trust to keep your home clean at all time.

You may also consider the services of a part time maid while seeking help with your home cleaning need.

Factors to consider while making your choice of house cleaning services is the company or individual’s track record. It would be best if you were sure you could reach them whenever you require their services.

By Hemant Kumar

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