To maintain the overall structure of your house, everything must be in the proper place and in great condition. This thing also goes with the roof, as roofs are the main feature of a house, it supports the whole house and protect everything inside. But for a roof to continue doing its job it is important for itself to be in great condition. 

There are several roofing company Edinburgh exists, who provides you with a detailed roof inspection to be aware of the condition of your roof before any unrepairable damage has been done. Doing a roof inspection yourself is not recommended because there is an injury hazard and many underlying roofing issues can be overlooked. 

When to Get the Roof Inspected? 

It is the most common question asked about roofs, when to get the roof inspected? The answer is that you should not wait for any damage to happen in particular to the roof to get the roof inspected. When you notice any water leaks or physical damage to the roof, it probably is very late for repairs. 

A regular roof inspection by professionals is suggested to eliminate the chances of roof replacement. If a problem is addressed at an early stage, it can still be repairable and may cost you a lot less instead of getting the whole roofing replaced after severe damage. 

Regular roof inspection and timely required maintenance can lead to increased life of the roof. It can greatly reduce the probability of damage caused, even reducing the overall cost and effort put into the maintenance. 

How Often Should The Roof Get Inspected? 

You should get the roof inspected at least twice annually or after every season end. The recommended frequency of roof inspection is in Spring, after the winter season (snow damage) and in fall, before winter (to prepare for snowfall).  

In certain weather conditions like storms, hail, heavy rainy seasons, it is suggested to conduct more frequent roof inspections. Some other factors that require roof inspection more often are weather conditions, the age of the house, materials used in the roof and the presence of a water body near your house.  

How is Roof Inspection Conducted? 

Roof inspection usually starts from the exterior of the house. Professional roofers are trained to address the underlying issues which can be overlooked by a non-professional. Making repairs at the start of the damage helps keep the roof maintained for longer. 

After the exterior inspection, the professionals move to the inside of the roof, in the attic. They check for damage from under the roof and also inspect the insulation and wood panels beneath the roof.  


Getting your roof inspected timely to address the possible damage to the roof helps you to cut the probability of major damage and steer clear of paying huge sums to replace the roof altogether. It is best to hire a professional roofer or roofing expert for conducting a roof inspection in Edinburgh. Roof inspecting professionals can give you a fair estimate of repairs and save you money and time before any severe damage is done to the roof. 

By Hemant Kumar

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