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Email is one of the easiest ways to get to your target audience. Though you can get your target audience’s email IDs through your website, references, social media and other mediums, these may not be enough. Within organizations, many email IDs aren’t in the public domain. These email IDs could be of higher-ranked managers, executives, even the CEO of the company. To get the email IDs and contact details of these individuals, there is only one way of procuring them- email scraping services.

Email scraping- why do it?

If you are a small company with large ambitions, you will need to contact those at the top executive level of companies to get your message across. Meeting these people can be next to impossible as you will have to start with smaller companies and scale up eventually. Even if you try your best, there won’t be anyone from these big organizations who will have or share the phone numbers of these top-level executives.

So, what are you left with?

To email them.

There is only one way to get these executives’ email IDs- to scrape them from their websites, social media, or through other online methods.

If you Google ‘email scraping services’, you are sure to get a lot of Do-It-Yourself email scraping tools that help you get emails of top executives from various websites. Some of these are free, others work on freemium or subscription models, but most have their limitations. They can scrape data only from a few websites, and there is no guarantee you’ll get the email IDs you wanted.

The other option available to you is professional email scraping services or software such as Klean Leads. Here, the service is custom-made according to your requirements- All you need to do is to give all the data that you require and this professional company will scrape it for you from the relevant data sources.

Why do you need professionals for email scraping services?

Getting real-time, accurate data

These services employ specialized web scrapers who know how to extract emails from various websites. Unlike DIY email scraping tools, these scrapers know exactly which websites contain the email IDs that you need, they’ll get the data from whichever websites they seem fit.

Also, websites keep changing their formats and technologies. Each small change requires a separate code to get it up and running. These email scrapers are fully aware of the changes and act accordingly as and when needed.

Wider scope of search

These services aren’t just limited to a few websites. If needed, they will search as many websites as technically possible to get you genuine email IDs that matter to your business.

Potential for more email IDs

Email scraping services help you get the email IDs that matter- this includes email IDs of every executive throughout the rank and file of any company. It does not make sense if you just email the CEO of an MNC, most probably he will just ignore it- instead, you will have to start the campaign from their local level manager, meet with him and then gradually move forward to the higher-ranked officials.

Ethical use of scraped email IDs

Once you have the email IDs you require, it is in your best interest to use them only for the intended purpose. If you hound the receiver of the email about how important and interesting working with you is, he is surely going to be put off and may send your emails to spam.

Getting the required email IDs is just half the battle won in email marketing, you also need to retain the readers’ interest in your services/products until he shares his credit card number. If you need some inspiration, you can check out how Neil Patel, the digital marketing ‘guru’ has designed his services around interesting and helpful content so that interested people can contact him for business. His emails are short, personal and conversational, striking a chord with whoever reads them. For a successful email campaign, it is best to use these scraped email IDs sparingly and strategically.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!