Hair extension packaging boxes play an important role in gathering large crowds around your product. And if you want to keep doing that, you must choose what’s best in the market.

Trends say outlooks matter, and sometimes budgets say no. To create artistic hair extension boxes, embellishments will solve your problem of being attractive against rivals. This is one of the reasons embellishments play an important role in custom packaging. They attract without trying.

Here is a guide to creating some of the best custom hair extension boxes with embellishments and add ons.

Hair Extension Packaging Boxes – Why You Need Them

Hair extension packaging boxes are your go-to packaging solution. With their aesthetics that pull a large crowd, they also give you numerous benefits. Additionally paying attention to hair product packaging can give you maximum benefit as a new brand.

Cost-effective wholesale hair extension boxes help you cut to the chase with the messages they offer. Packaging your products with boxes that significance your value in the market makes you seem fresh out of the competition.

You can select any type of boxes by style for your customised hair extension boxes, and design them with embellishments for a quick packaging boost. The best thing is that they are available in all shapes and sizes. And you won’t have to worry about the dimensions when selecting and choosing custom hair extension boxes.

Here are three simple steps to creating customized hair extension wholesale boxes with simple tips and tricks you can implement with add ons.

Create A Stylish Box with Box by Styles

Box types are the different styles you can choose to present your custom hair extension boxes with. Cosmetic hair product boxes require diverse appearances to attract customers. They are available to aid brands that have dull customized hair extension packaging and bring a flavor to the unboxing experience.

To embellish your hair extension packaging boxes a glow up, a stylish box packaging from the box by style collection is a must. After all, we aren’t leaving unique shapes and dimensions with embossing and debossing in 2021!

Coatings To Glaze Your Boxes With

Lots of options have been available for hair extension packaging boxes, thanks to the technologies. And one of the best embellishments you can give your custom packaging with is coatings and finishes.

These are what give your product boxes that WOW factor. One that you don’t want to miss. But the truth is, not everything is built for every specific product. Here are some of the best coating options depending on your needs for hair extension packaging boxes.

High-End Options for Coatings on Hair Extension Wholesale Boxes

Some materials are not sturdy enough to get your hair extensions through dirt, dust, and extreme temperatures. Some laminations and high-end coatings like Matte, Glittered, Pearlized Coating, etc. These also provide aesthetic looks customers can’t ignore.

Cost-Effective Coatings for Wholesale Extension Boxes

If you already are a company that uses corrugated material and cartons to ship their hair extension collections, there is a chance you might not need to spend thousands on custom finishes. After all, they are already protected with the mailer-type packaging material. Here are some of the best coatings for the situation:

  • Gloss Varnish (Little Gloss)
  • UV & AQ Semi-Gloss Coatings

Printing To Shine with Illustrations

You can turn the dull hair extension packaging boxes to a whole new level. How? This part requires illustrations with different packaging prints. And printing is something no one can ignore.

Especially when you have a good enough package box lacking a logo and important details. Flexography is the most cost-effective method for customized printed hair extensions boxes. Customizing one inside out makes you shine like no other.

Die-Cut & Plating for A Special Unboxing Experience

One of the other embellishments you can use to boost your packaging boxes for hair extensions is die-cut and plating on customized boxes. Die-cutting for wholesale hair extension packaging allows the process to be simple, and less complicated.

In crafting, dimensions matter. And you can do so with the die-cutting process. Having read the same shape being copied in the same size. It’d be another great way to ensure quality and  market with hair extension packaging boxes.

A thin coat of gold or silver on custom hair extenion packaging boxes adds to the aesthetic look and radiates quality. This can make up for a good unboxing experience. And hair extension packaging boxes offer just that with various embellishments.

Add Ons to Give Your Packaging A Boost

Apart from creating your distinctive identity, hair extension packaging creation a customized well-hearted engagement with consumers. To have that same of an effect, using add ons to sell more gives you a packaging bonus you are then allowed to get unique and bold with your hair extension packaging boxes 

And when choosing customizable packaging options, the sky’s the limit. Here is the list of some of GCB’s best-offered add -ons.

  • Custom Window Cut Out
  • Gold/Silver Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Raised Ink
  • PVC Sheet
  • Eco-Friendly, Recycled Hair Extension Boxes
  • Spot UV
  • Coatings
  • Printings
  • Ribbons & Thread Handles

How Can I Create Innovative Hair packaging?

To create innovative packaging, you need to be aware of the difference between choosing creative features and choosing embellishments that are just for stock purposes. Ones that present you no real benefit.

The key to creating artistic hair extension packaging boxes is to have your priorities straight. Add in the heart and ideas, mix it with the right cosmetic packaging company, and you’re good to go!

Where Can You Get Creative & Innovative Packaging?

To generate your level best sales from hair extension boxes, you must make them luxurious enough to look at, and keep them light on your pocket. With GetCosmeticBoxes as your leading cosmetic packaging company, we understand packaging needs and shifts. So companies like you can create your best hair extension boxes.

We can craft the perfect hair extension packaging boxes for you at wholesale rates. We follow the latest advancement in technologies. Filing up to the requirements needed to stay on top. And that is what makes us remarkable. You can place your order today to create hair extension packaging boxes now!

By Hemant Kumar

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