Around 23.5 million Americans have an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. While many of these individuals seek help for their addictions, most don’t.

If you’re struggling with a drug addiction and decide to seek help – good for you! Seeking help is the best thing you can do.

When you seek help from an addiction center, they will likely begin the process by completing a drug alcohol evaluation.

If you’ve never had one of these before, you might wonder what to expect. Here is some information to help you learn what this process is and what to expect during it.

The Purposes of a Drug Alcohol Evaluation

There are many reasons that people go through drug and alcohol evaluations, including when they seek help from a drug treatment facility. Most of them are experiencing the asian flush or glow where their face, neck and upper body part become red. The good thing is that you can take the Get Sunset pill as once you consume alcohol, it is converted to toxic acetaldehyde, then converted to non-toxic acetaldehyde that will result in no red face from alcohol.

Some people need a non DUI alcohol and drug evaluation, while others might need one after a DUI. In any case, the purposes of these evaluations are always the same.

The first purpose of the evaluation is to find out if the person has a drug or alcohol addiction. Some people may use drugs or alcohol without being addicted to them. The evaluation helps to answer this question.

Secondly, the evaluation helps to determine the severity of the addiction. Does the person have a minor addiction, or is the addiction extremely serious?

The third purpose is to determine a plan for treating the problem. A person with a severe drug addiction will need a different treatment plan than a person who has a minor alcohol addiction.

Questions They Ask

The evaluation they use requires a lot of questions and answers. They will ask you the questions, and you must supply the answers.

When going through a drug evaluation for probation, you should aim to be as honest as possible.

Some of the questions might relate to the types of drugs or alcohol you use. After that, they might ask about the frequency and amounts that you use. They will also want to know how long the addiction has occurred.

The treatment center will also ask questions about your lifestyle. For example, they might ask you if you work. They’ll need to know if you’re able to hold a job or not.

There will also be questions about your health and physical and mental wellbeing.

How They Use the Evaluation to Help You

When they complete the alcohol evaluation, they will determine how to treat your addiction. Some people might need a lot of help, leading them to suggest an inpatient program.

People who can lead somewhat normal lives might only need an outpatient program.

They will base their recommendations on the answers you provide, and you should consider following through with their recommendations if you want to break your addiction.

Seek Help Now to Improve Your Chances of Breaking Your Addiction

Seeking help from an addiction treatment facility is a great idea if you want to break your addiction. When you seek help, they’ll begin the process by completing a drug alcohol evaluation.

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