After cracking the North Carolina Contractor Exam, North Carolina Contractor Continuing Education is a must for every contractor of North Carolina. 

Once you pass the North Carolina Contract Exam you get the license of the contractor for the projects that cost more than $30,000. After that, The North Carolina Licensing Board for common contractors (NCLBGC) requires eight hours of continuing education yearly. So, once you are licensed, don’t think that you are free for on-site work. You still have to study eight hours daily for renewing your license annually. 

For what exactly these 8 hours are reserved for…

As mentioned above, 8 hours of continuing education is necessary, so one must have a question in his mind that for what purpose are these 8 hours reserved. Here is the solution to your question.

A compulsory two-hour course set up by the North Carolina Licensing Board for Common Contractors(NCLBGC) in which you will get to know the rules and regulations and the changes in the concepts of general contracting. 

The remaining six hours are reserved for elective courses from the approved continuing education provider. Elective courses include other specifications and the new skills of contracting and much more you can’t even think about.

By the way, continuing education is for general contractors having a license. The definition of general contractor includes what you have to multiple task, including renovation work, constructing uptown homes, or several commercial projects too. For every project undergoing, you have to be a part of continuing education to renew your license once ear. Keep in mind that continuing education is not for utility and highway contractors. 

The timespan of continuing education…

Continuing classes usually start from the first of January to the thirtieth of November each year. There are no classes during December. One can complete his/her course beforehand. 

If you fail to complete your continuing education in the required time, you will fail in license renewal needs, and the authority has the power to make your license invalid. Your earned license through the North Carolina Exam Prep will be of no use if you are unable to complete your North Carolina Contractor Continuing Education. It will have a direct impact on your business and you may receive late fees. 

Significance of Continuing Education for General Contractors…

Experience on-site is a key to construction but having the correct knowledge of construction is also necessary for the field of contracting. If you are familiar with your ongoing continuing education, then it means that you are up to date with the current affairs and knowledge of new skills of contracting that make you even a better contractor.

And the contractors with up-to-date continuing education are always in demand and preferred over other contractors. 

If you have cracked the North Carolina Exam Prep, don’t think that you are free for onsite construction work, you will have to study eight hours for renewing your license annually. 

By Hemant Kumar

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