When buying baby clothes, parents consider several factors, from the appropriate size to comfort. Though you’d need bodysuits and onesies in large numbers, a pair of cute girly dresses or denim for your baby boy is also essential. A couple of skinny denim for the three of you can also help you get that perfect family picture! Baby denims are the best addition to your kid’s spring closet. Well, will jeans ever go out of fashion? Putting money in a pair of kid’s jeans isn’t just a fashionable investment but also mindful as jeans last longer than most other pants your kid will stain or tear off.

How to pick the right one?

A recent study reveals that it takes $170 to raise a child per year in Australia (covers all expenses). If your child is outgrowing the onesies and rompers, it’s high time to transform their wardrobe. On that note, a pair of skinny, bootcut and baggy jeans are worth the addition. You will find a variety of kid’s jeans, be it with the style or colour. Here are some factors to consider while you buy a pair of baby denims:

1. The hip size

When it actually comes to dressing up your kid, it is apparent that you have to pay attention to the size. It’s because overdressing or using the wrong size can keep them disturbed and fussy all day. Unlike most other clothes, jeans aren’t flexible or stretchy. So, there is no doubt that you have to use a soft tape to measure your kid’s hip dimensions. However, when you shop for jeans from different brands, remember that not all of them follow a similar size chart. So, always cross-check your kid’s precise dimensions with the brand’s size chart before buying. On the bottom line, it is always better to size up when it’s about kid’s jeans, as your child can quickly outgrow them.

2. Watch out for the thickness

Undeniably, baby jeans are pretty thick. However, buying highly thick jeans for kids is not advisable. When babies wear a pair of thick, skinny jeans for longer hours, it can overheat their bodies. On that note, you will have to pay keen attention to choosing the right thickness without actually compromising on the durability or quality of the jeans. Another way to keep you, baby, away from heating up while dressed in a pair of jeans is to avoid overdressing or adding other layers of clothes. Keep it simple with a baby tee and denim!

3. Check for hazards

While you shop for baby essentials, you must look for choking hazards and other skin irritants. Especially with kid’s jeans, have an eye on the inner side and the lining. Baby jeans need to be label-free and devoid of itchy or discomforting stitches on the inner side as it can irritate their sensitive skin, causing soreness and rashes on the thighs. It will eventually leave your baby whining all day and you will be left clueless. Both the inner and also the outer sides of the jeans need to be smooth and must not feel stern on the hands. 

4. Go versatile

As your baby grows faster, always ensure to size up and buy versatile jeans with different cuts. Make sure to buy a mix of denim styles so that you can arrive at which one best suits your child. Also, ensure to buy bigger and versatile sizes so that they can grow along with your kid. Try to pick colours that can complement most tee colours when it comes to colours. You can also buy a few unique colours if they go well with your kid’s skin tone. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!