Is there anything more frustrating than waiting for a package from your trusted mail carrier and it’s not delivered on the expected arrival date? Even worse, no one can pinpoint its location?

Postal customers have noticed the telltale signs. Longer lines. Lost mail. Delayed delivery times. Fewer drop boxes. Closed mail processing centers. Package not delivered USPS.

Sadly, slow postal service is becoming the norm and not the exception. But what is behind the delays at the Postal Service that processes and delivers 173.1 million pieces of first-class mail each day?

Read on to learn why letters are taking longer to get to your mailbox, as we unpack the whats and whys of the current U.S. Postal Service delays.

1. Restructuring Plan Leads to Postal Service Delays 

In March 2021, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced the long-anticipated 10-year restructuring plan for the U.S. Postal Service titled, “Delivering for America.”

A closer look at the plan reveals these highlights:

  • Longer delivery windows
  • Shorter post office hours
  • Higher postage rates
  • Fewer mail sorting facilities

Combine these changes to the growing complaints of declining service and it’s easy to see how the reorganization will lead to even more postal service problems.

2. Fewer Mail Processing Centers

As part of the consolidation plan, the Postal Service is slashing the number of facilities that sort mail. 

Unfortunately, the 18 mail processing centers on the chopping block sit in major hubs across the country. Among the plants targeted are those in Wausau, Wisconsin; Newburgh, New York; Huntsville, Alabama; and Gainesville, Florida.

Fewer mail processing centers will mean letters and packages will travel further from their starting point to get processed and rerouted — some up to 100 miles away.

Mail will be on trucks longer, which means customers will likely face a shipping delay.

3. Switching From Planes to Trucks

Seems logical that air travel is faster than ground transportation. But since the Postal Service doesn’t own any planes, transporting mail across the country is getting costly!

The plan calls for cutting expenses by switching to more trucks and fewer planes.

With the increased reliance on ground transport, the Postal Service is giving itself more leeway on delivery times.

The plan would allow long-distance mail that is delivered in two to three days to land on doorsteps in four to five days.

4. Higher Rates on Tracking Mail 

Postal rates are set to go up in August. Among the services that will see the price hike are first-class mail, money orders, and certified mail.

Despite the higher costs, there are still good reasons to use certified mail labels. 

If you’re spooked by the upcoming changes, then adding a tracking mail service might be the answer.

Postal Slowdown a No-Brainer

The postal slow-down should worry all who want their packages delivered on time. Unfortunately, the current postal service delays are just the beginning.

At least now we understand why the future of moving mail includes long lines and lost letters.

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By Hemant Kumar

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