Did you know that almost 12 million people go downhill skiing every year?

It’s easily the most popular winter sport in the world! In fact, it’s much more popular than snowboarding although the two sports are quite similar.

If you want to hit the slopes for the first time, it can be daunting. What do you bring, and how do you carry all your ski equipment on the slopes? To help you get ready for your first ski trip, we put together this skiing checklist of all the essentials.

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The Basics

In order to ski, you need to have your warm winter gear.

When skiing, you should dress in layers. It’s likely to be cold on the slopes during the morning and the evening, but pretty warm around noon and early afternoon. You can add and remove layers when appropriate, and store them in a locker at the lodge. 

Start with long underwear or a fleece pair of pants. It’s best that they are reasonably tight because your layers can be uncomfortable if they’re too baggy. On top, you should wear a light fleece or wool top. 

And, don’t forget a thick pair of ski socks! Nothing ruins a day on the slopes like cold toes.

You should make sure your clothes are fleece or wool because they’ll be quick drying. If you choose cotton clothes and they get wet, you’ll be uncomfortable and cold all day.

Then, you’ll need snow pants, a jacket, and gloves. To keep your neck warm, a neck gaiter or balaclava is a great idea. If your face gets cold, you can pull it up over your mouth and nose too, which will keep you warm. 

Ski Equipment 

Next, you’ll need your skiing necessities. That means your skis, poles, and other equipment. You’ll also need a helmet and polarized goggles.

In addition, ski wax is a must to keep your skis fast and give them a sharp edge. This will make your skis easier to control.  


If you’re a first-time skier, you’re probably not used to spending a day out in the cold. Always be sure to bring a few sets of hand warmers and toe warmers with you. They last for several hours and you can swap them out at lunchtime. 

In addition, don’t forget snacks! You can keep them in the pocket of your jacket and eat trail mix whenever you need a boost. You can even snack on the chair lift, as long as you don’t drop anything! 

And, don’t forget to apply sunscreen during the day. The sun can reflect off the snow and leave you with a nasty sunburn if you’re not careful. So, bring a small tube of sunscreen that you can apply to any exposed skin.

Get Ready to Hit the Slopes

With this checklist of ski accessories, you should be ready to hit the slopes. You’ll be able to stay warm and comfortable all day. So pick up your ski equipment and start planning your next ski trip today!

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By Hemant Kumar

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