Employee training is very important for upskilling the employees and at the same time for the success of the organization. A skilled and hardworking workforce is all you need for your organization’s business growth. Scaling and employee training programs to reach the organization’s needs can be challenging. So, you need to have a specific strategy to reach organizational goals and offer the best training to your employees.

The most obvious reason for scaling up employee training is growth. As new locations open up, new employees are hired. New roles, new communication channels, and new structures are the challenges that come along with it. Knowing your employee’s needs and how to handle these new changes makes it easier for you to scale up the training program.

Training can also help you to address the challenges like skill gaps, employee retention, and many more. You never know when you need to scale up the training, so it’s always good to have a strategy. Now let’s look at a few effective ways to scale up employee training.

1)Know which problems you want to address:

You need to understand which aspects of the training program you want to scale up. Conduct in-person meetings and surveys to find out the challenges your employees are facing. Try to address these challenges when you modify and scale up the training program. Also, ensure your new training program aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives. In this way, you can scale up in the right way.

2)Leverage technology:

One of the best ways to train a large number of employees is by using online learning. In-person training definitely has some benefits but with online training, you can train more employees easily and quickly. It is also easy to scale up through online training.

Once you have the training content ready, you can add as many users as you want and help them access the content. For instance, learning management systems like TalentLMS offer the feature of bulk user actions which allows you to accommodate more learners. You can also make use of mobile learning which will be a flexible learning option for your employees. You want to be as flexible as possible, so offer different learning options to your employees.

3)Microlearning is the way to go:

With the learner’s attention spans going down drastically, you need to find an effective solution to address it. The learning content should convey the whole point in a short and crispy manner. These shorter lessons help the learners to retain the knowledge and engage more in the learning process as they don’t need to concentrate for long hours. It is also a flexible option for your employees as microlearning doesn’t disrupt their work schedule. They can access the content anytime and anywhere.

4)Track the progress using analytics:

While you train a large number of people, it’s hard to track the progress of each individual. So, use tools that help you to track the progress of your learners. Tools like learning management systems allow you to know who is taking training and who isn’t. It also helps to track the attendance of the learners which shows how many people are interested in your content who are not. With this analysis, you can revisit and change the content accordingly.

5)Choose adaptive learning modules:

Learners easily get diverted if the training content is not engaging and interesting. This is where adaptive learning comes into the picture. Instead of feeding the information and assessing the knowledge through tests after every lecture, you can go for adaptive learning modules. It helps to assess the knowledge of the learner. It reduces boredom and boosts overall course engagement.


To scale up your employee training program, you need the right sources, detailed research, and strategic plans to do it the right way. You should cater to the needs and requirements of your learners. Depending on these parameters, you can slowly scale up the training program. We hope this article helps you to understand how you can effectively scale up the employee training program.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!