To uphold your brand to the largest audience section on Instagram, you must have a solid branding strategy that generates instant trust for the brand. Trust is the most crucial element in branding because building long-term relationships with customers depends on it.   Creating a professionally designed and curated Instagram feed aligned with your branding objectives that capture the brand voice and design guidelines helps enhance trust. It paves the path for brand recognition which in turn starts the flow of traffic towards the brand. 

With the help of these IG business tips from Leoboost, you can create a powerful branding campaign on Instagram that makes your brand appeal stronger. It is one of the best ways to start promoting your brand. 

The basics of branding your profile on Instagram

Social media branding consists of several things, and the most elementary is the use of the same logo and the cover photo, if applicable, across all social media platforms. This is essential for instant brand recognition. The optimization of your Instagram profile revolves around your stories and the content you upload to your feed. Beyond these, there are few more things to do to carry out a comprehensive branding exercise like optimizing your user name, profile photo, bio, and story highlights.  You can be creative with your brand colors and use graphic illustrations, icons, and more.

Ensure a similar look for the content

Pay attention to the content you are creating, as it is part of your brand-building strategy to start your journey in brand building on Instagram. Develop a strategy to ensure that the feel and look of the content are the same across the board.  You can do it in different ways, and one is the color blocking technique for your Instagram feed. It consists of using a single color for all photos in an ensemble before moving on to the next. The chosen color could be one of the brand colors that help to remind about the brand connection. You might even use a single color for all your content or create another distinct look throughout the feed by maintaining an ombre look with rainbow colors. Another way is to create a graphic or pattern with your photos of post your photos on a grid where the images overlap.

Establish your brand tone and voice

Your brand voice must be easily recognizable by the audience that familiarizes with its tone, which ultimately translates into brand personality. A simple example of your brand voice and style is the manner of your response to the audience when they leave a message or comment. For example, using the first person communication with the audience can be typical of your brand that helps in easy recognition due to its unconventional approach.  Remember that your brand voice can be helpful, friendly, and educational if you feel that it would resonate with the audience, or it can have a light, humorous tone to tell stories in a more relaxed manner. However, for light-hearted communication, you must set the right level of humor and personality so that the audience does not feel embarrassed.

Post frequently and consistently

Maintaining the right frequency of posting content on Instagram helps meet the audience’s expectations without feeling overwhelmed.  The interval of posting can vary from a single post every day to posting a few times throughout the day but should help to maintain an uninterrupted flow of content at a steady pace that the audience feels comfortable with.  By using some tools, you can find out the best times to share your content. You can supplement the content on your feed with Instagram Stories that match the brand’s feel and look.  By reinforcing your feed with Instagram Stories, you can expect your brand to remain on the top of the audience’s mind and increase their interest in your feed. 

Follow some Instagram branding guidelines

Assuming that you have a team of marketers under you, it is vital to make the team members aware of your branding strategy to understand your approach and its rationale that increases their commitment. As a result, they would not follow the SOP but start believing in what they are doing, making them more committed to their work.  The guideline will clear all doubts about the branding strategy as everything from the use of colors to layout and creating a brand voice, and the design guidelines will be visible to all. 

Although there are many more things that you can do to strengthen your Instagram branding, implementing the above will put your brand in good stead. The strategies discussed here lay the foundation for branding. Then, you can move ahead to create a large community of followers and drive more traffic while generating more revenue by using other features like Instagram advertising.  

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!