Food In Your PG in Ahmedabad

Congratulations on your move to Ahmedabad! We’re sure your time in this city is going to be super productive, especially considering the amazing new job you’ve started. But as you get used to life in Ahmedabad, you’ve got more than just work to think about. After all, this is your first time living on your own and taking care of yourself. From handling your chores in your PG in Ahmedabad, to scheduling your own doctor’s appointments, all the pressure is on you. Which means that if you’re counting on your paying guest accommodation to provide you with meals, you’re expecting them to be of a certain quality. Sure, the dal here doesn’t taste exactly like your mother’s, but fresh and healthy meals are surely the least you can expect?

Well, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Most PGs and hostels that serve food tend to focus more on quantity rather than quality. So, how do you know if what you’re eating in your residence is actually good for you? What are the warning signs that tell you it’s time to change something in your hostel diet? Well, we’re about to give you all the answers. Because all jokes about surviving PG food aside, you deserve to have a healthy life. And these hacks will help you identify if the meals you’re being served are actually up to the mark.

#1: Wash your own utensils

Hygiene is one of the first things that get compromised when it comes to food in paying guest accommodations. And it’s not always to do with the food itself but the cutlery and plates that they’re served in. After all, your PG is catering to a large number of people who all have different levels of cleanliness. In order to be on the safe side, it’s best to skip the common-use utensils that your PG provides and wash and use your own personal plate and spoon instead. Yes, it’s slightly more effort, but at least you won’t have to worry about where it’s last been during your meal times.

#2: Report hygiene issues to your landlord

Keeping on track with the cleanliness issue, if you notice that the kitchen or dining area in your PG is unhygienic, clogged with stacks of unwashed dishes, with items growing mould in the fridge or any other problems, report it immediately to your landlord or warden. Keeping the hygiene levels high in the areas of food preparation and storage is super important in order for you to eat healthy. And it’s your landlord’s job to ensure that that level of cleanliness is maintained. So don’t let sleeping dogs lie, be proactive and assert your rights.

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#3: Check the temperature of your food

Healthy food should be fresh and prepared moments before service. If the food in your PG is served lukewarm or unevenly heated, it’s a sign that you’re actually being served stale food or reheated leftovers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unhealthy, but it certainly shows the quality of service provided by your PG. If this is a one time occurrence, make sure you heat your plate well in the microwave to kill any bacteria, but if this is a regular issue, report it to your landlord or warden and ensure that the problem doesn’t occur in future. And we’re not just talking about the temperature of cooked food either. If your PG serves you items like milk or curd, ensure that it is still cold at the time of service. If these dairy products are left out of the fridge for too long there is a chance that they may spoil or go rancid.

#4: Ask for a daily menu

A great way of ensuring that you get served fresh meals that are also tasty is to ask your PG to provide you with a daily menu. In order to do so, they will have to plan their meals, ensuring that they use ingredients on time and put more thought into the cooking process. This will ensure you have a better eating experience at the same time. But if your PG refuses to provide the menu or plan their meals, you might be better off opting for some tiffin services in Ahmedabad, as this could be a sign that your PG is not mindful of its cooking process and isn’t taking care of their ingredients.

And there you have it. Four easy hacks that will ensure you can get the healthiest food possible in your PG in Ahmedabad. So go ahead and try them out. After all, you shouldn’t have to put up with low quality food and poor hygiene, especially when your health is at stake. Try our hacks and stay healthy.

By Hemant Kumar

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