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Many people are not familiar with Gaylord boxes and tend to become confused when this type of box is mentioned. They are simply just big boxes that are used for shipping items. They have been used for decades by the shipping industry due to all of the different benefits that they offer. 

Today, different companies recycle Gaylord boxes. In this article, we will be providing you with a better understanding of why Gaylord boxes are so popular within the shipping industry. 


Gaylord boxes are made using strong materials, which makes them very durable. They are made from corrugated cardboard. This material is very strong yet also light. The paper cannot burst, split, or tear. 

The strength of these boxes is the main reason why they are widely used for both shipping and storage. They can be used to carry either heavy or light materials without any problems. 

Variety Of Sizes 

Another important advantage provided by Gaylord boxes is they are available in various sizes, so you can always find ones that are based on your individual needs. The following are the most common sizes that Gaylord boxes are available in are 24 to 48 inches high and 35 to 48 inches wide. 

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling and reusing Gaylord boxes is easy to do. Although they are designed as single-use boxes, recycling them is always a great idea to help to protect the environment.

Multiple Small Shipments, One Box 

As we previously discussed, Gaylord boxes are large and also strong. Therefore, you can use them to ship a number of different shipments in a single box. If you would like to ship your products in bulk, the ideal choice is to use Gaylord boxes. Not only do the boxes help to reduce your shipping expenses but they help to save space as well.

Customization Options

Gaylords can be easily customized which is one of their best features. If you have heavy items that need to be shipped, corrugated liners can be used on the walls and floors of the box to increase its strength. Also, if you are concerned that your product may go bad because of moisture, you might want to add plastic lines to your box to keep your product protected.  

You can also select the kind of Gaylord box that you prefer. Some of these boxes come assembled when you receive them, and others come delivered in the form of flat boxes. However, in order to assemble the flat boxes, you don’t need to use any glue or staples. 

Final Thoughts

The shipping industry has been using Gaylord boxes for many years. They provide many benefits which makes them the perfect option for this purpose. 

They can be used also for other purposes, including for displaying things. In grocery stores, vegetables and other fresh produce are often stored in Gaylord boxes. That is due to the fact that they are economical and environmentally friendly, while also being the ideal storage option at the same time.

By Hemant Kumar

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