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Instagram can serve as a great platform to develop your brand and boost product awareness. This social network enables brands to easily reach their customers through videos, photos, and real-time conversations.

Instagram marketing goes beyond just sharing pictures of products or services–the aim is to establish a rewarding relationship with your clients. Therefore, IG posts should be more user-oriented than product-oriented. 

Girls building Empires is a web course that shows you how to develop a huge following. It also teaches you how to turn these followers into real paying clients. If you also wish to become an IG influencer and earn some serious cash, the GBE course is a great choice. 

The Pros Of Girls Building Empires:

The course is not costly. Other similar courses showing you how to make money online typically cost a few thousand. However, the Girls Building Empires Course is priced at only $99. 

You also don’t need to invest in any capital other than your time, dedication, and some high-quality photography tools. 

You can also work from anywhere and anytime you wish. Plus, there is no fluff in this course. You will get all the info and clarity you need to boost your following. The course alone has more than 2.2M followers and that’s a sign they are doing their job well.

If IG marketing is not your cup of tea, you can explore other alternative online business ideas at this website. Generating and selling leads at a profit is another option. There are training courses that can teach you how to do this. You may want to check out Modern Millionaires. Find out more by reading this review.

Here are some major points highlighted in the GBE course:

Pick Your Niche:

One of the first topics you’ll get taught in the GBE course is how to pick a specific niche/market and keep it to attract the right followers. Despite Instagram being a social network that allows you to post whatever visual content you want, you should focus your attempts on one particular niche or area of interest. This will make your content more special, specific, and catered to a group of people that are interested in that topic

Set Your Marketing Goals:

One of the first steps you should implement is to set your goals. For example: What are you trying to accomplish with Instagram? Do you want to develop an awareness of your brand or do you want to boost client engagement and loyalty? Once you have set your goals, it will be easier to build a more efficient IG campaign. 

Analyze Your Audience

GBE emphasizes finding and analyzing your audience. This counts not only for the creation of content but also for getting sponsorships and offers from other brands. 

Let’s begin by considering that users of Instagram do not want to bother with boring ad content. They are simply looking for valuable information and they are interested in the opinions and feedback of like-minded people. Keep in mind that IG is a social media platform where all kinds of people share their opinion and experiences so you can join the convo.

Don’t Rush: 

There is no magic formula for becoming successful on IG overnight–you only have to be patient. If you wish to develop a robust network of active followers, this will take some time. However, once your following starts expanding, the results will be worth it. 

Once you have set your goals and found your niche, remember that IG is all about creativity and fun. Sharing relevant pics and videos of your offerings is paramount, but you also need to grab people’s interest by offering something creative and unique. 

Generate visually engaging content:

Not everyone can afford to employ a professional photographer or purchase professional quality photography equipment. The GBE course will show you how to create top-quality content without sparing a small fortune on expensive tools.

Keep in mind that Instagram focuses on visual content. You can share pictures, videos, and inside stories. You can use pictures in several ways on IG for marketing applications, but the most common one is by uploading them on your profile right away with links to your website.  

Utilize Instagram Stories

There is something truly remarkable about IG stories. This aspect lets you share pictures and videos that vanish after 24 hours. It allows you to get creative, entertainingly share brief stories, and engage with other users before they proceed to another area of interest or abandon your page for real. 

Using Hashtags & Captions:

There is an entire section that shows you how to use IG captions properly. Instagram counts more than 800M users globally, but only a mere 2% of them use the platform every day. This implies that even if your target is to raise brand awareness, you have to consider using hashtags and catchy captions for every IG post to grab people’s attention. 

Make Things Interactive:

If you want to make Instagram work for you, you have to go beyond just sharing interesting pictures. You should also take into account the feedback and opinions of other users and establish a solid bond with your followers. Keep in mind that IG is a community where people gather to talk about the things that interest them. 

Turn Followers Into Paying Clients:

The last module of the GBE course will show you how to make some cash on Instagram and particularly how to turn your followers into paying clients.

There is no need to advertise your brand and offerings constantly as this will annoy many users, forcing them to abandon your page. Instead of being spammy, try sharing something useful for free to improve engagement levels. 

GBE Course Review – Is it a good investment?

Social media marketing has become an essential part of any business strategy. However, not all channels work the same. Instagram is currently one of the most active and popular social networks available, counting over 300M active users per month with an average time spent on the site reaching 25 minutes (per user every day). This means there is a massive pool of users to engage with. GBE will help you generate efficient content that appeals to your target audience by using foolproof marketing strategies.

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