The loss of a loved one is an extremely traumatic experience. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or who the loved one is, grief can be an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome.

People experiencing grief can manifest it in a variety of ways, 39% will suffer from fatigue, 32% will experience changes in their appetite, others will suffer from headaches, and more.

It’s at this point where a bereavement counselor’s job would begin.

Now you might be thinking, “A bereavement who?”

So, what does a bereavement counselor do? How do you become a bereavement counselor?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all your questions covered and more!

What Does a Bereavement Counselor Do?

Bereavement counseling is aimed directly at individuals who have suffered a great loss. This usually refers to the death of someone close to them, a spouse, a child, a sibling, or someone else very close to them.

The role of the bereavement counselor is to help someone suffering from grief through the journey of first mourning, and then the road to recovery.

Sometimes, a bereavement counselor will also help people before the death of a loved one, such as those diagnosed with a terminal illness, to help them cope through the end-of-life process and the coming to terms thereafter.

Bereavement counselors should be professionals and certified to practice, so always look out for reputable companies such as Energetics.

How Does Grief Counseling Help People?

It goes without saying that people fear both aging and death, and there is somewhat a challenge for anybody who is attempting to overcome the experience of both.

Bereavement counseling can help not only those suffering from grief but also the people around that person who may be suffering too.

This type of counseling helps by giving people a completely safe space where there is no sense of failure or vulnerability. The person suffering from grief can then open up in a compassionate environment and discuss their feeling of grief without judgment and without shame. Ultimately, the goal is to help people come to terms with their grief and the loss that they have suffered through therapy.

How Can You Become a Bereavement Counselor?

All therapists and counselors have to partake in some form of tertiary education in order to be qualified therapists.

This can be in the form of a psychology degree or even a certification in social work specializing in grief counseling.

It sincerely depends on the institution you’ve chosen and the country that you’ll be studying in. You can also add in a spiritual element should that be a path you’d like to travel down as well.

Grief Can Be Complicated!

Any bereavement counselor will tell you that grief can manifest in so many different ways, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the therapy behind bereavement and people’s healing.

Approach the subject of grief tentatively with those around you and never force the issue should people you know, not be ready to talk.

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