Internet, a widely used technology all over the world. Proper and fast internet connection is the way to your various smart appliances like laptops, mobiles, MacBooks, and many others. So, to acknowledge if you are consuming a proper internet connection, then you should give a try to orange speed test and that too once in a week. 

Speed of the internet is the thing that becomes a consideration for many internet brands. You should know about the best speed test on which you can rely and can make your internet connection proper. 

What is the orange speed test? 

Orange, a widely used speed test that helps in detecting the internet’s speed. It is a speed test service that performs various speed tests through your UPC internet connection. This all occurs when the internet speed test service sends you chunks of bytes to a nearby server. With only a few clicks it comes over your laptop or any other electrical device. 

Orange speed test is conducted easily and also is less time-consuming if performed every week. Here are the points that tell you about how to conduct speed tests. 

  • Firstly, you need to connect your wifi with the router or you can even connect it with a cable. 
  • Once the connection process is done, then open your web browser and tap on the link of the orange speed test. 
  • An option of “Go” will come, click on it and wait for the results to flash over your screen. 

Why is there a need to check the orange speed test? 

It is essential to check here the orange speed test as many times the connection from ISP varies from an actual connection. As you are paying for that internet connection then it is essential to keep in mind. You must take the orange speed test as it seems to be a very great option and also it offers:-

  • Easily accessible. 
  • Conduction is free. 
  • Shows fast and great results. 
  • Is reliable. 

What should be done before taking a test

Before going for the orange speed test, you should check your internet speed if it is not used by anyone else in your area. Close all programs that are using the internet connection as it can lower the speed and proper results will not come. It will also lower the speed of connection because of the slow transfer of data. 

Orange internet packages

Three types of packages are launched to meet the expandible needs of customers. And in every package there are three types of plans, so select the plan that suits you the most and enjoy your work. 

  • In the starter package, the first plan is 40Mbps unlimited data at ₹900 per month, second is 20Mbps unlimited data at ₹600 per month. 
  • In the advanced package, the first plan is 60Mbps unlimited data at ₹1200 per month, the second plan is 80Mbps data at ₹1500 per month, and the third plan is 100Mbps unlimited data at ₹2000 per month. 
  • In the pro package, the first plan is 125Mbps unlimited data at ₹2500 per month, the second plan is 150Mbps unlimited data at ₹3000 per month, and the third plan is 200Mbps unlimited data at ₹3500 per month.

Which tests are performed

The result that flashes on your screen after the speed test includes four types of components:-

  • Firstly, download a test that includes downloading chunks of bytes from a remote server to a desktop. This test describes the speed that is required to download files from the internet. 
  • Secondly, an uploading speed test comes that is run due to uploading random chunks of bytes from desktop to server. This test describes the speed that is required to upload anything on the internet. 
  • Thirdly, a ping test that depicts the time taken that is required to transfer data from one end to another end like – videos, photos, and many more things. 
  • Lastly, a jitter test can detect the rate of change of time that is taken to transfer data from one place to another like – emails. 

By Hemant Kumar

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