It’s not a secret that guns are expensive. Even the most basic models can cost hundreds of dollars and often come with several different features. 

hat means that they require just as much maintenance as they use to keep them in good condition. If you’re like us, then you may have found yourself asking, “what should I be doing with this thing?”

With so many cz 75 parts and pieces, it can be hard to know where to start! Never fear: here is your guide on gun maintenance and upgrades for new gun owners!

So whenever you’re ready to dive deep into cleaning, keep reading.

The Basics of Gun Maintenance

When it comes to gun maintenance, certain principles can be followed by any gun owner.

For instance, it’s important to make sure that your gun has a clean and lubricated surface. This is where gun oil comes in! When the metal rubs against each other, this can cause friction which may lead to rust or even affect the shooting accuracy of your weapon.

Simply put: gun oil helps keep all moving parts working smoothly by reducing friction and preventing rust. Gun oil also helps protect the surface of your weapon by forming a protective film that keeps it from becoming fouled with dirt and other debris.

So, where do you start? Clean off any excess gunk (I’ll get to this in just a second), then apply some generous amounts of gun oil onto the metal surfaces, paying extra attention to moving parts like bolts or screws.

Remember: less is more! Too much lubricant can cause squealing or even lead to excessive wear on the metal surfaces, resulting in malfunctions down the line.

Keep tabs on how often you need to reapply grease/oil as well- while we’re not experts; most people recommend doing so every 100 rounds fired.

Another additional maintenance method is by getting your gun a professional tune-up.

A trained and qualified gunsmith will clean off the metal surfaces, replace any worn out parts with higher quality ones, give it a thorough inspection for possible malfunctions or defects that may have been missed previously, then apply lubricant to reduce friction as well as prevent corrosion if there is any present.

If you’ve never done this before (and don’t really know what you’re looking at), then we would recommend finding an experienced armorer who can help you understand exactly what needs to be done when performing these steps!

It’s important to keep in mind that some guns have different parts and pieces, so it always pays off to read the owner’s manual first before performing any repairs or upgrades yourself!

Extra Maintenance

Beyond the regular care for your firearm, you can take extra steps of maintenance. Here are examples of extra maintenance that is not necessary but certainly effective:

  1. Cleaning the barrel of the gun
  2. Lubricating external moving parts like hinges or screws
  3. Protecting metal surfaces from corrosion with a protective coating
  4. Keeping your ammunition clean and dry to avoid rust.

Once you’ve done these extra steps, you must store your firearm away in a safe place (like in an airtight container). This is so that they’re protected against moisture, dirt, dust particles, and other contaminants!

If you have any questions about how best to protect against these things, we recommend asking a professional armorer who has experience dealing with this sort of thing.

They’ll be able to help advise on what kind of containers are most effective for storing guns and which materials work best for keeping them clean.

The Basics of Gun Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading your guns, there are a million ways to do it. The easiest and simplest gun upgrades usually bring the greatest benefits.

For instance, if you have an older gun that doesn’t shoot as accurately, then a new barrel might be the ticket. This way, your weapon will not only perform better, but it’ll also help to reduce wear on other parts!

One of the most common upgrades is replacing old or worn-out grips with newer ones.

You may think this won’t make much of a difference, but in reality: when they’re made out of rubber, and these are replaced too soon (or if they’ve been neglected for long periods of time), there’s a higher chance that screws or bolts could become loose which can lead to malfunctions down the line.

Another way to upgrade your gun is by adding a laser sight to your weapon. Not only does this make aiming much easier and more accurate, but it also can serve as an additional deterrent against would-be attackers, especially in lowlight conditions!

How to Upgrade

To upgrade the gun you currently own, you can use aftermarket parts (like grips or sights).

Several websites out there specialize in these types of upgrades, so be sure to do some research before buying anything new just because they look cool.

The most important thing with upgrading your guns is: always ensure compatibility first.

If you spend all that time and effort swapping old parts for new ones, nothing may work together properly once everything’s back together again!

If you’re not certain that it’s compatible, then be sure to do some research before proceeding.

If you’re not an expert and don’t really know what you’re looking at when performing upgrades on your gun, we recommend finding a qualified armorer who can help!

Safety Upgrades

Before you get into fun upgrades for your gun, you should certainly consider safety upgrades. Upgrades are cute and all, but what about safety? Environmental and personal safety in firearm usage is critical to enjoyment.

To improve the overall safety of your firearm, you should look into:

Manual Safety Switch

This will mean it’s impossible to fire the gun without first engaging this feature manually and switching it over. Whether you’re in law enforcement, an avid hunter, or a target shooter- this is always a good idea!

For instance, in the case of an AR-15, a gas block can actually somewhat serve this purpose. An AR-15 gas block regulates the flow of gas in the barrel. Not only does this improve performance, but it can make things safer for everybody involved.

Adding Grip Safeties

These are usually located at the back of the frame/grip near where your thumb would be and pressing upwards against them (like when trying to cock the slide).

While they might not seem like much initially, they can make all sorts of difference if someone were ever forced to use their firearm in self-defense!

They don’t take up any extra space either, so there really isn’t any reason why one shouldn’t be installed on your weapon.

Adding Anti-Slide Safety

If you’re looking for a way to prevent the gun from being fired when it is not in use, then installing this type of safety might be perfect! This can sometimes mean that they are integrated into the grip or external (on the side) depending on what model weapon you have.

It’s important to note, though. These types of safeties can decrease accuracy and require some practice before using them confidently. So if there isn’t already an existing one then we highly recommend reading up about how each type works before making any decisions.


The last thing worth mentioning concerning upgrades is adding optics onto your firearm and considering threaded barrel options for mounting accessories like silencers or flash hiders. 

Optics can make your shooting easier and more fun. However, they are also great for safety purposes. If you can clearly see the target without obstruction, you will be able to take safer shots. Not only do optics enhance your vision, they ensure that you get your bullets exactly where you want them.

Firearm Education Made Easy

Now that you understand the importance of gun maintenance, as well as how to do it, you are well on your way to ensure your gun condition. In any case, maintenance might seem like a daunting experience, but it does get fun over time. 

If you can find the pleasure in cleaning, lubricating and storing your gun, then you will have that much more fun using it. Firearms are sort of a ritual in itself, they require care and consideration. If you cannot care for the gun, how will it care for you?

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By Hemant Kumar

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