Cats are often seen as an extension of their owners, so the proper care of the pet is important to both parties. Check out this article which includes information on types of food for different breeds and considerations with respect to life stages.

Why do cats need to eat wet food?

It’s not common that cats understand how to properly chew their food, but they still need something you can easily give them. It helps with kibble’s small size and high-calorie content. One reason for this is its difficulty in breaking down the hard outer layer of kibble. Cat wet food contains a high amount of liquid which helps the cat in hydration.

The most important things to consider when choosing cat food

First of all, you need to figure out if your cat is more of a carnivorous or plant-based eater. If it’s something you know for sure, then choosing cat food based on that diet can be easy. If your feline friend has no clue which way it eats, though, the road would be difficult. It’s also beneficial to consider what ingredients are used in the food you want to feed your cat. A food complete with artificial colorings and dyes will not do well in their tummies; this includes any fish products as well.”

Example of some good wet foods

Wet food is a way to help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones in cats. There are many different styles of wet food you can purchase, including canned, fresh, weight-controlled, antibiotic-free. There are also numerous recipes you can make at home for your feline friends.

Why does some dried kibble not work?

If you have fed your cat dried food for a long period of time, it may be time to switch over to wet. Drying is only one of the problems with the process of making kibble so there are many things you can do to transition your pet off of kibble. For example, mix ground-up canned food with kibble.


Save time and money with these easy-to-make formulas. Everyone who works to cook recipes for other people should be familiar with this information. Save your time, prove your friends or family low-calorie options, and give them nutritional value that they will enjoy!

Why do some dry cat foods contain chemicals harmful to your beloved pet?

Cat food brands often give off a good first impression. But remember: most of what you see is marketing and not always fair and honest. A dry cat food might seem like a healthy option, but they actually contain ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. The FDA has strict guidelines on what these ingredients must be in order to be sold as cat food.


Cats, just like humans, are prone to disordered eating. Although their food choices are based primarily on instinct rather than biological needs, you can give your cat the best diet by being very observant at mealtime. By watching your cat eat, you’ll learn just how much food they need and what kinds of healthy snacks to serve them along with each ration so that they always have enough food.

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