Solar system projects for kids are an amazing way to help them learn about the planets and stars and their alignment. The galaxy is gigantic, and it mesmerizes people with its endlessness. The planet, Earth, is a part of the Solar System. The solar system projects for kids include the sun, and the planets revolving around it. These projects help kids understand and learn about their environment and world.

Kids start learning about the solar system in their elementary studies. Teachers ask children to make solar system projects to help them learn and understand the topic easily. Solar system projects can be made in different ways. Here are some great solar system project ideas for students.

Solar System project with pom-pom balls

Pom-pom balls are extremely feasible to make solar system projects for kids. You can get them from a store or make them on your own. Make sure you make the balls in varying sizes and colors. Choose the colors depending on the planets and sun.

  • Take a black chart paper and mark the orbits for different planets.
  • Then paste pom-pom balls in the required order. You can also hang them using a yarn.
  • Write the names of the planet.

Solar system project with clay

Kids like playing with clay or play dough. They can use it to make the sun and the planets effortlessly.

  • Take a black or white chart paper and outline the solar system.
  • Make the position of the sun and planets on it.
  • Now make round pieces for the sun and planets with clay and voila! Write the names of the planets and your solar system is done!

Solar system project with old bottle caps

Have you ever thought of using trash bottle caps and lids for your science project? Yes, you can make your solar system project with it. It will be one of the best solar system science projects for kids.

  • Mark the outlines of the solar system on the chart paper.
  • Take big small bottle caps to represent the sun and the planets and stick them on the chart paper and you are done!

3D solar system project with fruits

It is yet another amazing solar system project idea for students. You can add a healthy twist to your solar system project.

  • Take a big-size plate and outline a solar system using chocolate syrup.
  • Now use fruits like strawberry, apple, grapes, oranges, and kiwi. Cut the fruits in round shapes of different sizes to represent the planets. Use mangoes for the sun.

And, your ready-to-eat solar system project is ready!

Solar system project using marbles

If your kid is a fan of art, you can use marbles for it. Choose different colors and sizes of marbles to make your model.

  • Outline the solar system on the black chart paper.
  • Paste the marbles accordingly using hot glue, and your solar system is done!

Using such ideas will not just make the kids take interest in the project but also enhance their learning experience.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!