IoT or the Internet of things is the new black, right? The embedding of this new technology is rapidly changing the mobile app development spectrum. But the common question to be asked is ‘Exactly How?

Well! In simple terms ‘IOT’ is the technology where one device is interconnected with the other and we create a network of devices that works in unison.

Didn’t understand that? So, here’s a simple example for you, remember how Alexa can be used to turn on electric appliances such as TV, AC, fridge, smart lights, and much more. Which in turn makes your simple home into a smart one. Well! That’s possible with the use of IoT and interconnected devices only.

Monitoring and Analysis

IoT is helping you make smart decisions for not one but many different fields ranging from sports, fitness, automobiles to even agriculture.

You can have a fitness band strapped to your hand for tracking your daily routine. Or you can have a smart fitness accessory setup in your shoes to record your next run.

Even sensors fitted in automobiles to assess crash tests and the same sensors attached to sprinklers to irrigate the field when the soil becomes too dry are all from the magic of IoT.

But to access the data in real-time, you need to have apps that facilitate that, right?

Ticketing and Tracking Management System

The physical tickets or passes are being replaced with QR codes or e-passes that can be installed upon your smartphone and be used to get access into stadiums, hotel rooms, and much more.

Moreover, if you want to track down vehicles or suppose a person with a certain IOT device on them, you can do that easily in real-time. A real-life example of this would be that of your Zomato/Swiggy order in where you get to see the exact location of the driver in real-time.

So, with the help of that food delivery apps are tracking their delivery agents and through the use of their app, they’re sharing the information with you in a visually appealing manner, which is developed by a Food delivery app development company.

Turning Normal Into Smart 

As we said earlier, we can turn normal devices into smart ones with the use of IoT. Taking the example we used about, we’ll explain how that works.

You get an Alexa device along with Amazon Smart Plugs and you connect them over the internet with your home wifi. Then with the help of either Alexa or your smartphone, you can access devices in your home from anywhere in the world.

So, that’s the power of technology as we see it and in all that one thing remains constant, the dependency of a mobile application to facilitate the use of IoT, right?

We can have great devices and we can have smart homes but to check the results, we would need to have a mobile application.

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By Hemant Kumar

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