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Revision notes are very important especially during the exam for the quick and efficient way of reviewing the chapters. The notes that you would have written while preparing the chapters will be handy during the exam to give you an overview of the whole syllabus in a short time.

Importance of Revision Notes

The revision notes for each subject are different depending upon the topics and the contents. When we are talking about maths, the revision notes should contain the formulas, equations, theorems, important questions, definitions, complex problems, and everything that should be sufficient for the review before the exam.

Important tips to prepare revision notes for maths

Notes to be neat and organized

Revision notes have to be neat and systematic. Make sure to maintain the notes neatly and systematically so you will understand when you glance or review them during the exam, don’t just scribble or write anything roughly as you should be able to understand what you write.

Preparation of notes with titles.

Give the titles whenever you are writing any points, formulas, or theorems. This will be easier for you to go to the particular page when required.

Numbering the page

You can also give the page numbers to particular topics and note them on the index page, which is the first page. When there are many chapters and topics you might waste time in searching the topic. This way it will be organized.

Chapter-wise Notes preparation

When you prepare the notes, make note of all the important definitions, problems, and formulas from each chapter in a systematic way

Formulas, Equations, and Theorems

Note down the formula and the equations from each chapter on a single page or section of your revision notes. Highlight the formula and the equations in different colors which you know, and the ones which you have to learn like red to learn and green which you know. This will be like a motivation for you to learn the one marked in red and review it every day. It will make it easier to segregate the formulas according to your priorities. Follow the same method for equations and theorems.

Practice writing

Once you learn the formulas or equations, practice by writing them. This way you will know if you can remember what you have learned or not.

Solving the complex problems

Make a note of the complex problems or the theorems which you think are important or which might be a little complicated for you. Practice them repeatedly so you will be thorough with the same. Test with these problems again after a week which will show your progress and can improve on those sections.

Set a day to review your preparation

Set a day according to your conveniences like Saturday or Sunday. Review all the chapters you have studied during the week. Compare the revision notes with the textbook. Check if anything has been missed.

Implementing the formulas and the equations correctly

Revision is not just the learning of equations or formulas. You should know where and when the formulas should be implemented. Maths is a subject which can be excelled only with practice.

Practise Everyday

Practice the syllabus every day. You cannot do all the sums of all chapters in one day. You can select a few and work out from the exercises. The problems which you get stuck on, make a note in the revision notes and highlight them. So you will remember that you have to work on that particular problem.


Same way theorems are to be practiced. Practicing all the theorems every day is not possible. Select two or three theorems in a day and practice. All the practices should be done in your revision notes neatly showing the working of each problem, so that you can review whenever it is required.

Highlighting with different colors

Let your revision notes be highlighted with different colors for equations and formulas and theorems. The colors should be specific. For example, the problems which you know thoroughly can be of green color, the one which needs preparation or learning highlight with red color and the one which you are not very sure highlight with yellow. This will act as a reminder to learn the one marked in red.

Know your strong and weak points

Know your strong and weak points in the syllabus. Highlight the weak points so that you will revise them every day. Equations and formulas to be read every day and should be on your fingertips before the exams. Your revision notes have to be reviewed daily so you will know the progress of your learning.

Test your preparation

Test yourself every week especially the ones with red. This is very important as you have to make it all green. Until then it has to be prepared and practiced to change from red to green. It is not rocket science but hard work and focus can make things very easy.

Revision notes to be attractive

Make your revision notes attractive. Segregate with different sections with the ones to be learned and the ones which you know. When you excel then your to-be-learned section will be reduced. This way when it comes to zero means you are thorough with all the sections. Have a glance at the revision notes from start to end to make sure that you have covered everything.

Solve the sample papers

Now you are confident with all the chapters. It’s time for you to test your skills and accuracy. Solve the sample question papers keeping track of time and complete on time. Solve the paper neatly in your revision notes. This is because when you will revise you can get all the chapters and the solved sample papers in the same place. So whatever the workouts or the problem you practice, let it be in your revision notes only.

Once you have solved the sample paper, compare your answers to know if your procedures and the methods are right or wrong. This will help you to know how well you have done the preparation. If you have made any mistake or missed out on a step in any problem don’t get demotivated. Just go through again and repeat the same with the right procedure.

Practice till you get it.

By Hemant Kumar

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