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Are you worried because of stolen images? It is so irritating when someone steals your images without seeking your permission. It annoys all the owners who undergo a similar situation. How many times have you seen your data uploaded on other platforms? Of course, image theft is a crime. Hence, people do it without seeking the permission of the actual owner.

Sometimes, you experience that people steal pictures of others that you know very well. Hence, you experience different situations over the web regarding image stealing, but it hurts when someone uses your photos. How do you become a detective? It’s not easy to trace the person who uses your images? No doubt, it needs a detective eye and a well-researched approach.

If you are not familiar with the process of finding stolen images, we’ve got you covered with the facility of to detect image theft. Here are some reliable ways to reach stolen photos!

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is the most significant way to find stolen images. It is the best way to reach the photos taken by others without your permission. It is a tool used for finding exact matches that work on the CBIR technique known as content-based image retrieval. You can always search for the pictures using this technique whether it comes to catching similar photos or you to find theft images.

It works great for all users who are worried because of stolen data. How do they find theft photos? Of course, reverse image search is the way to make it happen. They follow different techniques of conducting research. The use of keywords is a common practice to reach the desired results. The majority of the users do research using keyword techniques. They type phrases into the search box to see massive results.

Furthermore, some prefer to upload photos from their hard drives while some use URLs to find the stolen data. These are different modes of doing research that people practice at different picture finder tools. There are so many search engines offering this facility, whereas the best is to use the technique to reach duplicate and stolen pictures.

How do you find stolen images with reverse image search?

Finding photos with the help of reverse images is a brilliant idea that works great in the present time. It is a mind-blowing idea that works great for doing duplicate searches. Who follows this research process? Graphic designers, photographers, social media specialists, SEO experts, and artists are the individuals who use picture finder tools. The research process needs accuracy and understanding for locating stolen pictures. With this process, you can reach copycats easily.

Search engines do research work based on algorithms. It’s an online tool that provides magnificent support to searchers who want to find similar photos. The concern is to trace stolen images, whereas the use of Google and other reverse searches make it happen.

Here are the crucial points you can follow to detect stolen images!

  • The first thing is to upload the image, insert it through the URL, or use keywords to detect the photos. It is the basic step to follow to catch various pictures. Everyone has to follow this pattern to reach the images stolen by others. It is the basic step that you can’t avoid while detecting the data.
  • After you upload an image, the next thing is the action taken by the search engine or reverse image tool to precede your query. In this step, you generate results after finishing your search query whether by putting keywords or inserting URLs. It works in quick seconds and that’s how you find instant pictures available on different sources.
  • Now, you can see a number of images displayed on various search engines and websites. Mostly, the reverse tools have integration with famous search engines including Yandex, Bing, Tineye, and Google. It is the reason you come across multiple searches in quick time using these search engines.
  • The final step is to check the copyright issues after you find the stolen images. Now, it is time to take action against the person or business group that has downloaded your photo without seeking permission.

By Hemant Kumar

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