Do you have a corporate event coming up? Want to make sure that you find the best musician to play at it?

If you’re hosting a corporate event, having a musician play can help make it a fun experience for your guests. Booking a musician or band isn’t as straightforward as it seems, however, and you’ll need to put in some work into choosing the best musician for your needs.

Here’s how you can choose the best musician for your upcoming corporate event.

Know the Event Purpose

One of the most important things to think about when choosing a musician for your corporate event will be the specifics of the event you’re hosting.

An early morning event, for example, might call for a solo instrumental musician that won’t be too distracting or loud. A nighttime fundraiser, on the other hand, may call for a popular cover band that gets a little bit louder and brings more energy.

You’ll want to consider all of the specifics of your event when making your choice and ensure that the music won’t get in the way of your event’s purpose. 

Consider Your Audience

You should think carefully about who your audience is when choosing event musicians as well. Consider the demographics of the event attendees and determine what types of musicians they may be most interested in based on what you know about them.

Their age, for example, might be an indicator of what music they may enjoy. A cover band that plays hits from the 70s and 80s might be a perfect choice for an older crowd, while a younger audience may prefer a more modern music genre.

If you want to have the best corporate event, be sure to consider who your audience will be when choosing a band or musician to hire.

Ask Your Audience What They Want

If you want to ensure that your event audience is satisfied with the musicians that you hire for the event, you may want to simply ask them for their opinions.

There are some great ways to seek feedback from your audience while giving them a hand in choosing who comes to play at the event. Consider doing a quick poll or survey using social media channels. Ask your audience what genre they like the most or give them a choice of bands to vote on.  

By asking for opinions from your actual event audience, you can take out the guesswork and ensure that you’re hiring a musician or band that they’ll love.

Plan the Event Atmosphere

Remember that different types of music and musicians can bring a different “vibe” to a room.

Upbeat music can help create a fun and energetic atmosphere and can get attendees in the mood to dance while gentle instrumental music could relax your guests and help them feel more at ease with those around them.

Different musical genres can evoke different moods, (which is why diverse musicians are so valued for things like custom song creation websites). Instrumental jazz can make your event seem a bit more upscale, for example, when compared to another genre such as rock or country. Be sure to think about the atmosphere you want to create and choose musicians accordingly.

Don’t Box Yourself In

When aiming to make the music for your event special, it can seem like a good idea to strictly choose a musician that goes with your theme. However, if you overdo it, you may find that it backfires and your theme gets old quickly.

Instead of picking a musician that aligns perfectly with the theme, it’s usually a good idea to leave a bit more wiggle room when it comes to choosing the music for your event. Versatility and variety are often helpful when it comes to music so don’t be afraid to find a musician who can align with your theme while also venturing into other musical territories when playing as well.

Make Sure You’re Within Budget

When choosing a band for your corporate event, you should also consider your budget carefully.

The more people that are in the band, the more expensive the band is likely to be. However, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. You’ll want to check with the musician or band to find out exactly what their rate is.

If your budget is low, you may want to simply hire one solo musician for the event. However, hiring a small duo or three-piece band could also be a good economical choice and will be less expensive than hiring a band with four or more members. 

Consider the Presentation

When choosing a band to hire for your corporate event, you need to make sure that you get a good feel for what they have to offer. You should get an idea of how they’ll actually look when performing and how they’ll present themselves both on and off stage.

You should look at photos and videos of the musician or band to find out how they look and how they interact with the audience when playing. 

It’s also a good idea to meet with them in person before hiring them so that you can verify that they act professionally and that they seem like they’ll do a good job. Appearance matters when hosting a corporate event, so be sure that any musicians you hire have a professional appearance and demeanor.

Don’t Do It Alone

Finding potential musicians in your area and making the effort to reach out to them and vet them thoroughly is a lot of work.

Instead of doing it all yourself, it can be helpful to go directly to music booking agencies. Music booking agencies have a lot of great musicians and bands on their roster. These bands and musicians will be highly experienced and will have already proven that they can do a great job performing at corporate events. 

Consider getting in touch with a music booking agency if you want to be sure that you hire the best event entertainment possible.

Finding the Best Musician For Your Corporate Event

If you want to find the best musician for your corporate event, make sure that you take time during your search. Be sure that you’ve thought carefully about the atmosphere you want to create and ensure that the event audience will appreciate your choice.

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By Hemant Kumar

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