Online advertising through Google Ads is creating revolutions in the market. Google ads are one of the most effective ways of advertising and creating brand awareness which a large scale of businesses are using to get more profits. However, the world of the internet is not free of threats. Click frauds are ruling to fulfill their mischievous targets. Such fraud clicks can impose various threats to the visitors. At the same time, it can make your site vulnerable enough while using it as a trap. However, Google, for this reason, comes up with various measures which combat conveniently against click frauds. How does it work? Have a look:

What is click fraud?

Click fraud is defined as where you receive the clicks on your paid links when the clicker is not at all having any kind of interest in buying your product. This is often done to fulfill a malicious purpose. The click frauds can be used by competitors who want to damage the budget of one’s online advertising. In this way, the fraudsters manage to make a significant amount of money using the spoofed websites.

The click frauds on Google can affect at least 20% of all your paid links, display ads, videos, or the paid search engine results. However, reliable Google Ad Services can help you out from the threats of fraud clicks.

How does Google complete the process of tracking and preventing click frauds?  

The revenue that Google earns from advertising comes to be the biggest amount. Thus Google has a very logical interest in saving you from various frauds.  Thus Google brings in front of you an entire department for filtering and restricting the click frauds on the Google Ads.

Google does a thorough and complete tracking to detect click frauds and prevent them effectively so that you can have complete reliability.  Here are the measures that Google uses to combat the frauds:

Google Adsense site verification:

Google tends to become a very powerful platform. It does its job conveniently to extract out most of the potential frauds. Google offers ad placement to more than 11 million websites. Hence, if you want to advertise your product using a very popular website to get more traffic, then Google Ads is the best option for you.

For a nicely-created banner ad, you can quickly get an enhanced rate of traffic that is organic.  However, the problem is, many websites are made to showcase fraudulent ads with the spoofed domains.

For such reasons, Google takes special measures for tracking. As an Ad gets submitted to Adsense, Google manually verifies the quality of the Ad before giving it approval. All the ads presented to Google go through a precise verification process to ensure that it has proper load times, higher functionalities, and reliability.

Term violation:

As you submit an Ad to Google, the platform makes it very clear that it will not tolerate any kind of fraud. If Google detects that your site is having an abnormal amount of fraud clicks, then it can suspend or reject the publisher. 

There are options for flagging those Ads which seem suspicious or harmful. With the verification process, if Google Manges to find anything wrong, then it will take immediate action.

Algorithms that protect your PPC ads: 

Google has specialized algorithms which protect your PPC ads from gaining accidental clicks. This prevents invalid clicks and saves both the visitors and you from the ineffective clicks.

At the same time, an accidental click is always considered an invalid click, which Google alright recognizes to make sure that advertisers do not have to pay for it. In case a user is closing an Ad even before loading it properly, then the bounce rate comes to become extremely high. This is recognized as the accidental clicks which Google eliminates from the list of your paid clicks.

Manual and automated filters to prevent the activities of frauds:

Google takes the help of automated and manual processes to verify the ads very closely. There are at least 180 data filters that take constant updates to filter the Ads. There is a very dedicated team of professionals who hunt down any kind of suspicious activities manually, which are found on your PPC Ads.


The world of the Web is not free of fraud. But Google takes all the essential measures to prevent it. It includes all the essential activities which are efficient to detect and prevent fraud clicks. However, apart from Google, you can also rely upon some other software that can effectively give you better results.

By Hemant Kumar

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