Drones can fly a long way from their controllers. In fact, they can fly up to about a mile away before the connection is lost and they need to return to the controller. This is why they’ve been used to make such fantastic aerial videos and lovely pictures.

But they can’t track or follow anything, which is why the controller has to fly them around like a puppet on strings. Or at least it would be, if not for the new Percepto technology that allows drones to track their controllers automatically.

This technology is based on the idea of using computer vision to identify and track objects. By identifying the controller in the drone’s camera view, Percepto can keep the drone flying close to it. This not only allows for easier control, but also makes it possible for drones to be used for tasks like search and rescue or delivery.

But how long is a drones range signal? Learn more as you read this article.

A Closer Look At The Factors That Can Affect Drone Range

The factors that impact the range of drones are the type of connection between the controller and the drone, the distance from the controller to the drone, and how much interference is in between.

The controller-drone connection can be a wireless signal, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or it can be a wired connection. The further the drone is from the controller, the weaker the signal will be. And if there is lots of interference between the controller and the drone, such as in a city with lots of buildings, then the signal may be too weak for the drone to recognize who its controller is.

So the range of a drone really depends on the type of connection, how far away the controller is, and how much interference there is. With Percepto’s computer vision technology, though, these limitations no longer apply. The drone can track its controller even if it’s up to a mile away and there’s lots of interference. This new technology is likely to open up a new world of possibilities for drones.

One idea is drone delivery. Using Percepto’s technology, drones can track their controllers and navigate through the air easily while carrying packages or other cargo. This would be especially helpful if there were lots of buildings in the way or if the controller was on the roof of a building and the drone needed to deliver something to a lower floor.

Another possibility is using drones for search and rescue missions. If there’s a natural disaster and someone is trapped, the drone can fly to the scene and track its controller to the person who needs help. This would be much safer and faster than sending people into dangerous areas to look for people.

The possibilities for Percepto’s technology are endless, and we can only imagine what else drones will be able to do with it. With this new technology, drones are no longer just simple flying machines. They have the potential to become an essential part of our lives.

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Does Position Matters?

Yes, but not as much as you might think. The connection between the controller and the long range drone does not play as big a role in how far away it can go. If there is a lot of interference or buildings to block the signal, then it will impact what the drone can do.

But if there’s a strong signal, then much more can be done with a drone. It’s also possible for the controller to increase the range of its signal by using an external antenna or increasing its power output. These options depend on what is available and what can be used at that time.

What Can You Do To Increase The Range Of Your Drone?

There are a few things that can be done to extend the range of a drone. One is to use a stronger signal between the controller and the drone. This can be done by using a wireless signal like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which have a longer range than older signals like infrared.

Another way to extend the range is to use a higher power transmitter on the drone. This will send a stronger signal to the controller, which will help it stay connected even if it’s further away.

And finally, another way to increase the range is to use an external antenna on the drone. This will help the signal reach further and maintain its strength over longer distances.

So there are a few ways to increase the range of a drone. It really depends on the situation and what’s available. But with Percepto’s computer vision technology, though, the range of a drone is no longer limited by its connection or environment. This new technology is changing the way drones are used and opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

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