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For the past few days, a horrible odor has been wafting through your home. No matter how many candles you light or Lysol you spray, you can’t get rid of the stench. 

Either something crawled into your pipes and died, or your septic tank is due for a pump. The problem is that you don’t have a lot of cash to hire someone to handle the job right now.

How much does a septic service cost, anyway? That all depends on what you need to get done. Check out this price calculator to find out how much you should save up.

Cost to Pump a Septic Tank

If something in your home smells awful or your toilets run longer than they should, this is a good indicator that you need to hire a septic service to pump your tank. 

Most companies can charge anywhere between 250 dollars to 800 to handle this for you. How much you pay out will all depend on the size of your tank. 

Cleaning According to Size 

If you have no way of knowing how large your tank is, think about the size of your home. For example, most two-bedroom houses come with a 750-gallon tank. This is the cheapest type of tank to pump. 

If your home has three rooms, expect to spend about 375 dollars to have the tank pumped and so on and so forth. 

Septic Repair

If you don’t get your tank pumped when you should, you might be faced with paying for septic tank repair. The most common problem that homeowners run into is a broken filter. You’ll have to pay a little over 200 dollars to have this part replaced. 

Other than that, you might spend the occasional 100 dollars to fix a pipe or lid. Sometimes less than that. 

Soil Fracturing 

There are some cases when it’s not a wise decision to have your septic tank pumped. You’ll still have to clean your system somehow, though. 

For this purpose, professionals will recommend soil fracturing. They’ll essentially blast air through a tube in the ground to clean out your tank. If you have to get this service done, expect to spend about 1500 dollars. 

Tank Replacement 

There are times when the septic tank service will come out to clean your system only to realize that they should replace it instead. You could spend up to 10,000 dollars on a new tank, sometimes more. 

It all depends on the area where you live and the size of your home. If you click for more, you might be able to get an exact cost range. 

Understanding the Average Septic Service Cost 

Is there a horrible smell wafting through your home? Are your toilets and sinks running? It might be time for you to call someone out to pump your septic tank. 

The average septic service cost isn’t so bad when weighing repairs vs. buying a completely new system. Unless you can afford a 10,000 dollar replacement, you’re better off keeping up with regular maintenance. 

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By Hemant Kumar

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