Long-distance towing is the transport of a vehicle over a distance of more than 150 miles. With long-distance vehicle towing services, you are talking about the transportation or automatic shipment of one or more vehicles, whether operational or unusable, usually from one city or state to another.

Long Distance Towing provides personalized towing estimates to and from each location in the United States. Towing companies that give quotes to tow a customer’s vehicle first understand each person’s needs and circumstances. Budgeting, pickup updates, delivery dates, and availability are all things a towing company takes into account when pricing your vehicle’s towing.

Long-distance towing is something a professional towing service in Duluth MN does every day and their fleet of carriers are well trained and experienced to provide the best services. But there are still many factors that determine the cost of long-distance towing. So here are a few things that influence towing costs.

First Of All, What Is Long Distance Towing?

The transport of a vehicle over a distance of more than one hundred and fifty miles is considered long-distance towing. Towing services provided by regular towing companies are different in the sense that regular towing services represent those you would call if you were stranded somewhere and needed to take your car or shop home.

Towing services costing starts from as low as five dollars and goes up to hundreds of dollars per mile depending on various factors. Towing in Duluth MN also tow cars on their wheels with a conventional truck lifting one side of the vehicle which is also known as semi-lifting or lifted tow. With long-distance towing, vehicles are loaded onto a car transporter which is more specifically flatbed long trailers.

A car carrier is typically thirty to seventy feet plus long and can accommodate two levels of cars. Towing services handle long-distance trailers that can go to the next city or even the other side of the country. Towing services work with local operators in their network of qualified carriers.

Typical Towing Cost Per Mile

Most towing companies charge five dollars for local or ten dollars for each mile of towing, or a connection fee of seventy dollars and eight dollars per mile for long-distance towing. The average forty-five-mile tow will range from one hundred twenty to two hundred-sixty plus dollars. Before calling a towing company, check your auto insurance policy.

Specialized Trucks And Equipment For Your Specific Towing Needs

Towing companies have wheel lift cranes for towing cars, vans, and light trucks over short distances. Towing in Duluth MN has flatbed trucks available to tow vehicles that require all four tires off the ground, such as vehicles involved in accidents or cars that can be towed semi-lifted.

Flatbed trucks are a good option when you need to transport your vehicle long distances. The price varies depending on the distance and the services you hire. Towing companies have specialized equipment, but it comes at a cost.

Distance Matters In Towing

Towing companies usually have minimal charges to cover their business costs, such as gas. This minimum rate of around forty-five dollars normally includes a towing distance of between 5 and 10 miles. Each company has a different minimum mileage. It is extremely important to make sure that the towing company has a great relationship with its customers.   

What Type Of Towing Service Do You Need?

Towing companies offer an unexpected number of services. They do not just tow your vehicle, but they regularly deliver roadside assistance as well. If your vehicle won’t start because it’s out of gas, a towing company will bring you gas. These are some of the services offered by towing companies:

  • Gas filling
  • Starting a battery in a dead car
  • Unlock the car door
  • Transporting a damaged car
  • Take out a stuck car
  • Drills and tire exchangers
  • Empty gas tank solutions
  • Expert roadside technical assistance
  • 24/7 auto towing
  • Removing the ignition key

Flatbed Towing Services

Towing companies have fleets that include several flatbed trailer trucks. Platforms are the type of trucks that specialize in long-distance transport. Because these long trailers carry complete vehicles on the flatbed, avoiding any damage to the transmissions, drive chains, tires, and other parts of the vehicle.

Two-wheeled towing vehicles are in danger of damage in these areas, especially if they are used for long-distance transport. You should also consider wear and tear and worsening damage during the towing process. Specific measures are taken to protect the towed vehicle. The goal is to get a vehicle from point A to point B without damaging it at all.

Time And Date Is Also Considered Important Factor

Another thing to consider when estimating the cost of a towing is the time and date. After-hours towing usually begin at or after eight afternoons of nine afternoons and ends between six to eight in the morning. The After-hours of each towing company varies. The extra cost for some businesses is as low as $ 5 or more from point A to point B without harming you at all. You need to make sure the business is available 24/7 for emergencies.

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