Several factors will determine the quality of your sleep. The type of bed sheet you sleep on is one of these factors. Changing your sheets might just be the solution to getting a good night rest. If you are a hot sleeper or you have got sensitive skin, the best bamboo sheet and 20 lb weighted blankets might be the solution to your problem.

What is a Bamboo Sheet?

Linenly Australia explains that a bamboo sheet is a type of bed sheet made from the organic bamboo plant. Manufacturers spin the fibers of this plant and process it to make threads. These threads are then woven into a smooth and silky bedsheet. Bamboo sheets are known to be super soft.

Bamboo is a type of plant grown without any form of chemicals. Also, this plant doesn’t need much irrigation. That is why bamboo sheets are believed to be environmentally friendly. Bamboo plants don’t absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

How do Bamboo Sheets Enhance Sleep Quality?

Bamboo Sheets are becoming popular due to the benefits they offer. These sheets can enhance your sleep. Here is how:

Temperature regulation

These sheets naturally feature moisture-wicking properties. If you stay in a humid environment, a bamboo sheet is a perfect choice. Damp bedsheets can be a breeding place for bacteria. Your sheets serve as protection to mattress since sweat and other human waste can make your mattress smell bad.

Also, if you are a hot sleeper, these sheets can help you sleep better. The best bamboo sheets can keep you cool in the summertime and keep you warm in the wintertime.


The best bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic in nature. Therefore, they are ideal for people with very sensitive skins. These sheets can retain moisture; hence, they can minimize any irritation that results from sweating. Also, bamboo sheets are antimicrobial.

What is a 20 lb Weighted Blanket?

A 20 lb weighted blanket weighs 20 pounds. This is a heavy blanket that calms the body during sleep. Weighted blankets have become so popular over time. These blankets are used as a form of therapy. Weighted blankets are available in different weight sizes.

A weighted blanket can help you release hormones like serotonin and Oxytocin due to the calming and soothing effects it has on the body. This blanket is also known as anxiety blanket.

Benefits of 20 lb weighted blankets

20 lb weighted blankets contain steel shot beads, micro glass beads, and plastic poly pellets. These blankets help to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Improve Sleep Quality

You can sleep better when you use a 20 lb weighted blanket. Weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation, which is thought to stimulate the production of a mood-boosting hormone (serotonin), reduce the stress hormone (cortisol), and increase levels of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. This may help improve overall sleep quality.

Calm the nervous system

A 20 lb weighted blanket helps to calm the nervous system. This blanket distributes weight and pressure across the body.

Provides comfort

Generally, weighted blankets provide comfort when sleeping. According to users, this blanket helps them sleep like a newborn.


The best bamboo sheets and weighted blankets can help to improve the quality of sleep. These beddings are breathable and comfortable.

By Hemant Kumar

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