Do you have a coupon or promotional code for purchases recently? Fine! Now we’ll tell you how to use them in this article. We spent a lot of hours researching to make sure that you understand everything here.


If you have been credited with a coupon, you will immediately find out about it. In this case, you will receive either a notification or an SMS message.

Coupons come in different denominations. And they work like this: you purchase a certain amount, and the value of the voucher after its application is deducted from this amount. You will have some of the documents. The whole process will take you a few minutes, and you are done with everything.

For example, you know that you can get a discount on a coupon of 300 rubles if you purchase 1000 rubles. And having fulfilled this condition, you will receive an invoice for payment for 700 rubles instead of 1000. Consider checking it on


  • The coupon can only be used when placing an online order – delivery or pickup.
  • The voucher is credited to the amount of your purchase, which was formed after

Applying all promotions and discounts

That is, if you have collected products for 1000 rubles, and taking into account the discounts, their total cost has decreased, the coupon cannot be applied.

  • You can see the total cost of products, taking into account all discounts, only at the stage of order payment.

Check if the amount is sufficient to apply your coupon.

How to use a coupon

The button “Apply coupon or promo code” is displayed in your shopping cart – you will see it when collecting an order.

Just click on it and select the coupon available to you. And the discount will automatically apply to your order. The order you want to purchase may have some of the requirements.

Promo code

The promo code, unlike the coupon, is not credited to customers. You find them yourself and use them when placing an order for delivery and pickup marketplace. You will have to fill in all the correct information to enable you to get promotions. 

How to use a promo code

  • When placing an order in the basket, click “Apply coupon or promotional code”.
  • Select “Enter a promo code”, and in the field that appears, type it yourself.
  • That’s it – the promotional code is taken into account in the final cost of the basket of your products!

Necessary: both the coupon and the promo code can only be used once! The coupon can be applied simultaneously with the deduction of bonuses when ordering online stores.


When you are struggling with getting a coupon code in this article, we have explained to you the process you will need to follow and get the code. After going through this post, I hope you will apply yourself and get a legend in the most straightforward method.